Not-Your-Grandma’s Potato Salad

IMG_4727Watching a series of Chopped Canada on TV yesterday got my gears working on some leftover roasted garlic and breadsticks. Here’s what I came up with: potato salad with herb and roasted garlic dressing sprinkled with scallion gremolata.

With spring weather in the air and our recent arrival from the Philippines, our backyard garden hasn’t gotten enough sprucing so I resorted to using some dried herbs I had on stock for the dressing. I also added some leftover tomatoes. Aside from that substitution and addition, this recipe is super easy!

Herb & Roasted Garlic Dressing:


  • 6 roasted garlic cloves chopped
  • dried rosemary, basil and parsley
  • dried chili flakes
  • salt & pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • apple cider vinegar
  • mustard


I personally like my dressings/vinaigrettes on the tangy side so I add a little more vinegar to the mix.

  1. In a mortar and pestle combine the dried herbs together (doing this also helps to release the herbs’ flavours and fragrances; try not to turn the herbs into powder, just bruise it a bit).
  2. Dump the dried herbs in a mid-size bowl and add in the chopped roasted garlic, mustard and apple cider vinegar.
  3. While pouring in the extra virgin olive oil into the bowl, start whisking all the ingredients together.
  4. After whisking, taste your dressing (add salt & pepper if needed).

Potato salad


  • potatoes (if you have different kinds that’s totally fine, especially different colours!)
  • pre-packaged spring mix salad
  1. Wash your potatoes before boiling (tip: to save some time, I cut the potatoes in smaller pieces so I won’t need to cut it when it’s soft).
  2. Boil your potatoes until soft NOT mushy (tip: take a fork and poke a couple potatoes to see if they’re ready; the potatoes should be soft but slightly firm).
  3. When the potatoes are cooked, drain the water using a strainer on the sink.
  4. Let the potatoes cool down a bit before combining it with the dressing and spring salad mix.

IMG_4726Optional: Scallion gremolata:


  • leftover breadsticks
  • scallion sprigs
  • garlic
  • salt & pepper
  • dash of extra virgin olive oil


  1. Combine all of the ingredients together in a food processor (or I used a magic bullet; make sure not to over pulse the mixture).
  2. Transfer the mixture into a baking sheet.
  3. Spread out the mixture around the baking sheet and toast for 5-10 minutes in a 385 degrees oven (check on the mixture after a few minutes and wiggle the sheet the mixture toasts even).
  4. Once toasted, take out the mixture and let it cool before sprinkling over the salad.

Enjoy! 🙂 For more of my recipes please check my Recipes page!



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