Dear readers & friends,

Hey, my name’s Kaye! 

After dipping my toes in the blogging world for some time now, I recently felt that something was missing. I started blogging as creative outlet for me to express my thoughts, experiences, and emotions. What started out as a humble hobby turned into something I genuinely loved to do – writing. Somewhere along the way, getting views and increasing subscribers overshadowed why I created this blog in the first place. Whether it’s about faith, food, developing recipes, travel adventures or motivational moments…

 I created this blog to be an inclusive and empowering space where you and I can find even the tiniest bit of inspiration

Now you might be wondering why blog through letter writing? Every year since my family and I immigrated to Canada, my grandparents sent us birthday cards and holiday greeting cards to show us that even though we live thousands of miles away, we are still in their minds and hearts. My friends and I used to give out thank you cards and holiday cards to each other. And well, I’ve kept most, if not all, of those letters and cards! From time to time I read them, especially when I need a little motivation or inspiration to get me through a rough week. Letters might seem a little old school, but the love and appreciation we put in writing letters are timeless.

So, this is my invitation letter to all of you to be a part of my journey. Welcome! 🙂




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