Re: Beauty Hack or Bust?

4247171-garlicI’m sure we’ve all seen a few, more like a ton, of beauty hacks floating around Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but do they actually work? I put some so called beauty hacks to the test to see if they’re real hacks or just another bust.

IMG_8833.jpgFirst up in this series, is a beauty hack from the lovely Farah Dhukai. I found one of Instagram clips on my Facebook newsfeed and decided to try her beauty hack using garlic for treating acne. All you have to do is cut a piece of a garlic clove then gently massage it on the problem area(s) of your freshly cleansed face. Leave the garlic residue on your face overnight.

I tried this super simple beauty hack over a period of time to get a good idea of how effective it really is. Fortunately, this is a beauty hack that actually works! The day after massaging the garlic on a pimple, the swelling and redness was reduced. Though it may sting a little, garlic also works if you already popped that sucker and now left with a small opening. Always remember to wash your face before doing this beauty hack to get the best results.

Why does this beauty hack work?

Pimples are caused by build up of excess oil, dirt and bacteria within your pores. Physicians have also attributed poor eating habits or eating something that may cause acne irritation, stress and hormones as factors causing pimples. There are various types of pimples from black heads, white heads, to pustules.

This hack works because once you popped your pimple, you are left with an opening and garlic having great antimicrobial and antioxidant properties can help with fighting off the bacteria, inevitably healing your skin. However, please be mindful to avoid excessively rubbing the raw garlic on your skin as it may cause blistering.

Have you tried other beauty hacks? Share you experiences with us by leaving a comment below 🙂





Re: Snail Mask?

IMG_8684.jpgOkay, so I’ve read and heard about snail masks from fellow beauty bloggers and the ladies from Buzzfeed’s Lady Like series. Upon going to a Korean market with my sister a couple of weekends ago, lo and behold, I found a snail mask sitting on display shelves overflowing with face masks! There were a variety of face masks from the regular face masks made of fruit extracts, green tea to horse oil. You read it right, horse oil…

Removing the sheet mask from the packaging, I expected the serum to be a lot slimier. Surprisingly, the face mask also did not have an overly powerful smell, actually it didn’t have a smell at all. The instructions suggest putting the sheet mask on after cleansing your face and leaving it on for about 15-20 minutes.

My skin felt a slight tingling sensation within the first few minutes that the mask was on. I always enjoy that when trying new masks! It gives me hope that the formula from the serum is doing its job 🙂  While waiting on my skin to absorb the serum on the mask, I went ahead and did some research on the benefits of using masks or beauty products containing snail mucin.

Found in moisturizers, serums, facial treatments and masks, snail mucin has been a popular ingredient in Asian beauty products, particularly in Korea. The snail mucin is known to contain hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans and antibacterial copper peptides. All of which are great ingredients to improve the skin. It has also been said that the snail mucin has been helpful for healing acne scars and cell regeneration.

After 20 minutes, I took the mask off and left it on for the entire day. The instructions on the packaging didn’t indicate washing the face, simply letting the serum dry down before applying make up (if you are applying make up). It took another 10-15 minutes or so before the mask was fully dry on my skin. Also, it felt a tad tacky or sticky on the skin, which may be perfect if you decide to apply foundation on top of it.

Overall, it will probably take another 2-4 uses before I can see visible results from the face mask as it was not an intense treatment. It cost me around $2-3 per sheet mask. Not a bad price if you ask me! I wonder what it would be like to have the actual snail facial, with real snails crawling on my face…Hmmm.

Just a heads up ladies, I will be posting a new DIY mask recipe soon! You only need 2 ingredients!

Have you tried snail masks or facials before? Share you experience with us by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear it! 🙂



Re: Summer Skincare Tips

With the hot and humid weather coming, do you guys feel like your skin is changing? During the summer months, I notice that my forehead tends to get a tad oilier and, of course, a lot more tan than the rest of my face. This post features some of my basic summer skincare tips to keep your skin healthy. *Just a reminder, we all have different skin types so I will try to give as much variety as I can. (FYI: my skin type is normal to sensitive)

First and foremost, using sunscreen is an absolute must! Too much sun exposure could cause sunspots, uneven skin tones and sunburns. There are definitely a lot more to add to that list but the key message is that we should always wear sunscreen all year round, especially over the summer. Now when using sunscreen, use a different product for your face and the rest of your body. Sunscreens that are meant to be used for your body tend to be heavier or thicker for your face, which may cause your face to become oilier throughout the day. Sunscreen sprays have also been popular and can be purchased at your local drugstore or even at Sephora.

I’m using a clay mask from the FaceShop on my T-zone and will be applying a honey mask for the rest of my face.

Like what I said earlier in this post, my skin tends to get oilier during the summer months so I multimask my face. For example, I would use a clay based mask for my T-zone because that’s where I get oilier over the summer while, I use a cleansing and nourishing mask for the rest of my face. For me, it works quite well since it allows me to target my problem areas according to the appropriate treatment that they need.

Also, hot and humid weathers can sometimes dry out my lips a lot more quickly. Consistently drinking water, applying some lip balm (with SPF if you can) and scrubbing away some dead skin helps a lot! My favourite lip scrub to use is just a combination of sugar and coconut oil.

A good cleanser is a must all year round, but it definitely does a tougher job during the summer with all of the dust, dirt and sweat! I accidentally forgot my cleanser on our trip to Michigan for my cousin’s wedding. A quick trip to Walmart later, I picked up Cetaphil’s Daily cleanser as a replacement. I’ve been using it ever since! It does a great job cleaning my skin and it doesn’t dry it out. I also recommend using a cleansing mask at least once a week if you tend to be on the oilier side like me. It helps draw out excess oil and impurities that your cleanser left behind.

Lastly to get that sun kissed glow, coconut oil has been more than helpful! Try using coconut oil instead of a tanning oil to give your skin a little bit more moisture while tanning outside. Plus, don’t forget to exfoliate your face and body! I’ve been using a hand glove exfoliator with any body wash or soap to help exfoliate my body. For the face, I consider St. Ive’s Anti-blemish apricot scrub as one of my OG’s in my scrub collection. Still an awesome product!

Do you have any summer skincare favs you’ve been loving lately? Share with us by leaving a comment below! 🙂





Re: The FaceShop Real Nature Masks


the faceshop real nature masks.jpgWhenever the seasons change, I always like to prep my skin for the climate changes that may happen. So I decided to browse through some of the FaceShop’s Real Nature masks to help purify and rejuvenate my skin for the summer months ahead. I tried their Kelp mask and Red Ginseng mask. They were both single sheet masks at $2 each. A pretty reasonable price, if I say so myself!

the faceshop kelp mask.jpgKelp Mask

Out of the 2 masks, I preferred using the kelp mask a little bit more. It went on like an ordinary sheet mask easily and it didn’t have an overpowering smell (neither did the red ginseng mask). I used the excess serum in the mask packaging and applied it along my neck and other areas that were not getting as much coverage or areas I wanted to have a little bit more boost. I liked this mask over the other because I felt like it delivered on what it was supposed to do a lot more than the red ginseng mask. It made my skin feel very smooth, hydrated and fresh. In terms of the mask’s purifying qualities, I think it did a decent job but I would need to use the mask more to validate that claim.

Kelp as the key ingredient for this mask is supposed to help with drawing out impurities and is known to have anti-aging properties. Additionally according to, kelp extract is also a great source of folic acid and is helpful with thyroid. Overall, this power packed ingredient is good on our face and sometimes in our bodies! (Please consult with your doctors before using kelp extract supplements)

the faceshop red ginseng mask.jpgRed Ginseng Mask

The red ginseng mask was OK. The sheet mask has a brownish colour that almost matched my skin. It went on easily just like the kelp mask or other sheet masks. Like the kelp mask, I also applied the excess serum on my neck. To be completely honest, I didn’t see a huge improvement on my skin after using this mask. From my research about red ginseng masks, it is definitely skincare product that you need to keep using over a longer period of time to see the results. I might come back and try this mask again but as of right now, it’s a pass for me.

An update about the elf mist & set spray from my Top 5 Under $5 post:

IMG_8128.jpgThe setting spray was a definitely a good buy! I tend to use more powder-based makeup (powder foundation, blushes, highlighters, etc.) and I really like that it kept my makeup intact despite of my long workdays. Though I can tell why others who have reviewed the product may not like the bottle that the solution comes in, it didn’t bother me too much. I just held it a little farther away from my face to avoid droplets.

I’m doing some testing and researching for my summer makeup, skincare and fashion faves and wanted to ask if you guys and gals have any recommendations? 🙂 Feel free to leave a comment below and share with us your suggestions!