IMG_8754.jpgAn antiquated method of communication to some, a meaningful gesture for others, letters carry much more than pieces of paper with handwritten words. They capture specific moments of our lives-micro stories-only shared with their recipients.

Initially, I wanted to create Project Love Letters for my own selfish reasons. I wanted to see how people would react when they are given a letter with a simple motivational quote. I hoped that it would bring them, well, motivation. But the more I talked to a few other people about my idea, the more I saw that doing that lost the very essence of why we used to write letters. Sure, it was probably the only form of communication back then, but we also did it to share our stories and love. I’m a bit of a romantic if you didn’t know already. Perhaps, that’s why this project may not come as a surprise for some close friends.

So, I changed the project. Each letter would still be handwritten, but instead of given out to strangers, the letters are written for specific people and prompted to write letters of their own to whomever they like. Bring on the inside jokes, poetry, and intimate micro stories because if we can’t even write letters to our friends and loved ones, who can we write letters for? No texts, emails, tweets, or Facebook message. Actual pen-to-paper letters with guess what? Stamps! (If needed, hand delivered when possible of course!)

Let’s see how this goes, shall we? 😉 Feel free to send me an email if you would like to receive a letter as well 🙂  alwayskaye.blog@gmail.com

Ever mine.

Ever thine.

Ever ours.



P.S. When was the last time you wrote a letter? Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Share with us by leaving a comment below.




Re: Sky high expectations

books.jpgI have a very distinct memory of my grade 10 Civic & Careers class taking a career test to figure out which profession would suit our personality, skill sets and interests. I recall getting assigned as a judge or a mediator of some sort. Back then I actually had no interest in pursuing a career in law. Though soon enough, when it was time for us to fill out our university applications in grade 12, I applied for an honours BA program specifically in criminal justice. Now, somewhere in between a friend and I had a casual conversation at lunch. While sitting on the floor with our friends I remember asking her, “What do you see me doing?” Without a sign of hesitation on her face she said, “a CEO.” That’s a tall order for a 16-17 year old!

See, I think I changed my mind about which career path I wanted to go into about 8-9 times. I’m including professions I told my parents I wanted to be in while I was a kid of course. As a kid, it was cute to play dress up and pretend to be a doctor, firefighter or a veterinarian. As a young adult, not so much (according to my parents anyway). When it comes down to it, there were a lot of professions that I can see myself in but only a couple that I know I could consistently do and loved doing.

I set very high expectations for myself at an early age. Yes, there were external factors like my parents, teachers and sometimes peers. Anything less was considered a failure or a disappointment; that’s a lot to put on a young person. And if I’m being completely honest with all of you and myself, I felt very anxious and often stressed because I needed to ‘perform’. I needed to do it by myself for myself.

But, here’s the thing, everyone needs help in some shape or form. Everyone needs a person or people not necessarily to do the work for us, but to help and support us. We’re not robots. We’re humans and we’re stronger together than alone. So for all of you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, please know that I’m here if you need a friend 🙂

Keep exploring what makes your heart sing.



P.S. Couldn’t resist the Grey’s Anatomy reference! :p



Re: Because I want to


Capping off this tiresome week with a lingering thought. Yoga, kickboxing and Forro. These are the three activities that I have been doing (and will continue to do) the past week. Varying in intensities, I deliberately chose to practice and participate in these activities. Here’s why: because I want to.

I wish I can give you a better reason but really I don’t have one. I’ve always wanted to take kickboxing and have prolonged it over the years. The restorative aspect of practicing yoga is something that I absolutely need right now. Learning Forro helped me realize my forgotten love affair with dance and how much of a liberating experience it is. These are the parts of me that I have been missing lately.

Now, to do each of these activities I really need to put myself in different mindsets. For kickboxing, it’s essential for me to hone in controlled physical strength and endurance. Repeatedly practicing my jabs, push kicks and mid kicks isn’t a walk in the park. I can definitely tell you that my thighs were on fire two days after my lesson. For yoga, it’s essential for me to focus on my body and how it’s interacting with my inner self. Yes, it definitely pushes your physical strength and you do need to have a good stamina, but for me yoga was about getting in touch with my inner thoughts and letting my body slow down. Sometimes we get so caught up with what’s happening all around us that we forget to take a step back and listen to what’s happening within us. For Forro, surprisingly the more difficult out of the three, it’s essential for me to let myself lose control and embrace my femininity. Quite the challenge for someone like me!

Nonetheless, I think I found a really good thing here. Of course, I have a day job and work in between but I genuinely feel like doing all of these together is helping me become a much more well-rounded person. I will always have time for writing and blogging. It would be cruel for me to take away a medium that continuously saves my sanity!

My thoughts are incomplete, perhaps because I’m still navigating my way around it. But I do hope that you all explore your interests purely because you want to. Even if other people have opinions about it or you’re scared to take the plunge. I’ll be here, cheering you on every step of the way. 🙂



P.S. I swear I’ll be doing my usual lifestyle blog posts soon! 🙂








Re: To struggle or to fight? The choice is yours.


This is not some great epiphany that I’ve had or something that is entirely nouveau. Frankly, I’m not even sure if it’s something that I want to be part of my philosophy in life, but here it is-our life is made up of choices. We choose what we would like to eat; we make choices about the clothes we wear; we choose the people we become friends with; we choose whom we date and, (you can totally rebuttal) we choose to be happy. We make decisions every single day consciously and subconsciously. Thing is, the choices we make aren’t always cut clean. They’re not always easy to make. So, how do I make them?

I wrote a reflection a few months ago based on an article asking, “what are you willing to struggle for?” In it, I talked briefly about persisting despite feeling pain or encountering difficult obstacles and how we can use pain to fuel our drive to create. Now, perhaps because I have been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic, I have a completely different question to ask. Though it might sound similar, I want you to think about how this question is vastly different-what are you willing to fight for?

To, struggle or to fight-that is the question. Ever since I can remember, I somehow would make choices that could make my life just a little bit harder. I know, this sounds odd but wait a second. By that I mean, you can use a calculator to solve a long division equation or you can actually do the long division on a piece of paper and solve it yourself. To some degree, I may have taken Robert Frost’s poem to heart too literally, but then again I wouldn’t be here if I chose differently. I’m telling you this because even though there have been many times, and probably more when I will be required to struggle, I will always choose to fight.

I’m telling you this because even though there have been many times, and probably more when I will be required to struggle, I will always choose to fight.

Yes, there have been times when I would refuse to fight back because I don’t necessarily think that fighting every battle would be entirely beneficial. I prefer to pick my battles and fight to win the war. This is where I see the difference between ‘struggling’ versus ‘fighting’ for something. To struggle for something almost makes it seem like you are constrained by something else; something is preventing you from breaking free. Whereas, for me, fighting for something is a conscious choice made. You know that when you fight for something, there will be obstacles and great uncertainties. You might even feel miserable for some of it. Yes, all of that is true. They just don’t matter as much.

You know that when you fight for something, there will be obstacles and great uncertainties. You might even feel miserable for some of it. Yes, all of that is true. They just don’t matter as much.

So, what are you willing to fight for?