Coco Bananaz: Organic, Dairy Free, Delicious!

Coco BananazI had some extra time before attending my pottery class this afternoon so I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. I’m not too familiar in the area. In fact, I have only been around Runnymede Station before hopping on to a bus further west. While walking around the neighborhood across the street from the pottery studio, I came across the Coco Bananaz E.L.F. (electric, light and fun).

This awesome new alternative to your ordinary ice cream truck is exactly what the slogan says-“Organic, Dairy Free, Delicious!” Coco Bananaz are essentially, frozen banana treats dipped in chocolate. Cindy Stanleigh, owner and CEO of Coco Bananaz, was inspired to start Coco Bananaz after going on a family vacation and spotting a frozen banana vendor. A vegan herself, Stanleigh wanted to bring this idea to the streets of Toronto as a healthy, vegan and gluten free alternative to other commercial frozen treats in the market. Also, Stanleigh truly believes in eating organic and transferred this passion to her frozen treats. She is even using biodegradable plastic packaging for her treats!

Now let me just talk about this E.L.F. It is one cool and sustainable ice cream bike! Stanleigh converted a two-seater E.L.F designed by Organic Transit and replaced the back seat with a freezer unit to store the Coco Bananaz. The freezer runs on a powerful lithium battery that is recharged using the solar panels on the roof of the vehicle. The E.LF. does not have an engine but actually runs on man power aka Stanleigh’s pedaling. Each Coco Bananaz treat is $4 taxes included and Stanleigh is available for booking on special occasion and group parties (e.g. children’s birthday parties, etc.)

For more info please click on her website: or find Coco Bananaz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Say hi to Cindy when you see her riding around the city and don’t forget to try her Coco Bananaz!