Get out of your back-to-school funk!

Like most students, I am definitely not pleased that school is starting (…because 4 months of summer was NOT enough!). Granted this year will be the last year of my university experience, it’s also bittersweet. I’ve made some awesome friends and began my journey of self- discovery.

Here is a list of prep I try to do before school starts. Yes, I know it’s going to suck the first couple of weeks…let’s be realistic, the first month. So, hopefully this will ease the pain.

  1. Get a calendar if you don’t have one. Calendars or agendas are a great way of keeping track of your timetable, due dates, contact information and of course, the things that you actually need to do to pass your courses.
  2. Edit your music playlist. There’s something about good music that always seems to get you in the mood regardless of how tedious and annoying your chore may be. I always play music when I do laundry or even wash the dishes. It makes time go by so much faster, especially during your commute to school! You can even make a homework playlist or study list to make studying for tolerable!
  3. Pack your lunch. This is something that your mom probably told you, taught you to do or is doing for you until now (there’s no shame on the latter! Everyone’s gotta eat!). Bad circumstances seems to get worse than they actually are when you’re HUNGRY. Oh I’m sorry, HANGRY (hungry + angry)!
  4. Now, while you have the ball rolling, see if you can do a little breakfast prep while packing your lunch too! Because I already know, you’re not going to sleep early and of course wake up on time. Cut up some fruits for a quick fruit salad or smoothie in the morning. You may also have some pre-cooked oatmeal in a bowl or something totally easy, boil some eggs for a few hard boiled eggs to munch on your way to the bus stop.
  5. Set THREE different alarms. Why 3? Because you know you’ll sleep through the first alarm, the second will somewhat wake you up and the third you’ll get annoyed of the sound enough to get up. So instead of keeping on hitting the snooze button, just have 3. If this doesn’t work, place your alarm (in my case my phone) far away from your bedside. It will force you to get up to turn the alarm off.
  6. Turn the radio on as you’re getting dressed/ready. This is so simple but very enjoyable. I take about an hour to take a shower, get dressed, do my make up and pack my bag. As I do these things, the radio is blasting away with morning mixes, traffic updates and commercials here and there. Besides, morning DJ’s are hilarious!

Enjoy the your first day, week and month of school! The faster you get into your groove and follow a routine the faster you’ll get to enjoy school again with your friends, classes, or sports teams.



If you haven’t alread, check out my previous post on a list of basic kitchen essentials! Can you survive without mom around?


Can you survive without mom around?

Oh how the time has passed by! The post-graduation celebrations subsiding only to make room for some long tearful farewells and promises to stay in touch once university/college started. Welcome to a new league boys and girls. Appropriate isn’t it? Freshmen-Freshmeat. Yeah, I know you’ll initially get hooked by the on-going parties during frosh week until you realize it’s October, and wait, you haven’t even bought your textbook yet?! Yes, you should be ashamed. So go, buy your textbook…then OPEN it. READ it. You want to PASS right?


Anyway, first time living by yourself without mom cooking you breakfast, lunch or dinner? So, what are you going to eat? I know most of the time first year students in university are encouraged to live in residents because of the convenience of having someone there to cook meals for them. Although, I also know that those meals can get really repetitive and living in residents for the remaining 3 years can get expensive. So, this ‘Survival Guide for Student Cooking’ is, well, designed for students living off residents or in residents with their own kitchens. Being a student myself, I can admit of being lazy and cheap sometimes. But you’re idea of cooking does NOT have to consist of eating your way around the McDonald’s menu (or insert fast food here). So here are the basics.



I’m going to start with introducing EQUIPMENT. Sorry, but a bread knife, spoon and a fork won’t cut it! See what I did there? Yeah I know it’s not that funny, but here are the basic things that you should have in your starter kitchen:


  • 4 different SIZES of knives (paring knife, Chef’s knife, Santoku knife and serrated knife)
  • bowls
  • can opener
  • mason jars (good for storage or as a vessel for mixing sauces and vinaigrettes)
  • wooden spoon
  • strainer/colander
  • sheers (kitchen scissors)
  • 2 cutting boards (one for vegetables and one for meat products)
  • tongs
  • sauce pan (a smaller sized (diameter) pan with some depth)
  • stock pot (a pot bigger in depth and size in general, usually used for cooking pasta)
  • skillet/frying pan (a usually shallow pan with a wider diameter)
  • rectangle glass pyrex (can be used as a roasting pan, for casseroles, etc.)