Winterlicious 2014: Bodega and Souther Accent

What can I say that hasn’t been already said? Good food + good company = happy K.

That’s the extent I’m going to do math here. It was my first time attending any Winterlicous/Summerlicious Toronto and I’m glad to say that I will definitely do it again! Kudos to the organizers of the event, chefs and other contributors! Although it was definitely cleverly planned, keeping in mind the commerciality and consumerism in Valentine’s Day.

We went to Southern Accent and Bodega. Both places were conveniently located within the vicinity of our campus (University of Toronto, St. George Campus). I would definitely recommend these places for anyone visiting out of town or if you just want to have some good comfort food. The service staffs were good and the ambience of the restaurants genuinely embodied the kind of cuisine they were putting out. I really appreciate a restaurant that knows its identity. For instance, Southern Accent screamed New Orleans culture. The rooms were cozy, vibrant and a little eclectic. It wasn’t a surprise to hear that the owner spent a lot of time in New Orleans absorbing its culture from every facet. After all, it’s the restaurant is over 30 years old. Meanwhile, Bodega took me back to my short time spent in Paris. White linens, deep blues and warm acorn stained woodwork from the fireplace to the bathroom stalls! Clean, simple and sophisticated. It’s a very charming place.




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