Re: Beauty Hack or Bust?

4247171-garlicI’m sure we’ve all seen a few, more like a ton, of beauty hacks floating around Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but do they actually work? I put some so called beauty hacks to the test to see if they’re real hacks or just another bust.

IMG_8833.jpgFirst up in this series, is a beauty hack from the lovely Farah Dhukai. I found one of Instagram clips on my Facebook newsfeed and decided to try her beauty hack using garlic for treating acne. All you have to do is cut a piece of a garlic clove then gently massage it on the problem area(s) of your freshly cleansed face. Leave the garlic residue on your face overnight.

I tried this super simple beauty hack over a period of time to get a good idea of how effective it really is. Fortunately, this is a beauty hack that actually works! The day after massaging the garlic on a pimple, the swelling and redness was reduced. Though it may sting a little, garlic also works if you already popped that sucker and now left with a small opening. Always remember to wash your face before doing this beauty hack to get the best results.

Why does this beauty hack work?

Pimples are caused by build up of excess oil, dirt and bacteria within your pores. Physicians have also attributed poor eating habits or eating something that may cause acne irritation, stress and hormones as factors causing pimples. There are various types of pimples from black heads, white heads, to pustules.

This hack works because once you popped your pimple, you are left with an opening and garlic having great antimicrobial and antioxidant properties can help with fighting off the bacteria, inevitably healing your skin. However, please be mindful to avoid excessively rubbing the raw garlic on your skin as it may cause blistering.

Have you tried other beauty hacks? Share you experiences with us by leaving a comment below 🙂





Re: 5 Tips on finding your next go-to hairstylist


long hair in salon
This photo is from 2015 when I donated about 8-9 inches of my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I know, my hair looks red right?! I swear I didn’t dye it! Not really sure how that happened… If you guys and gals are wondering, this photo was taken at bob + paige Salon on the Danforth

I think it’s been about 3-4 years since I actually had a hairstylist or salon that I consistently went to. It was a heartbreaking day when my stylist told me that she was going to quit to go back school in pursuit of another career path. No seriously, I was pretty upset! It could be very hard to find a stylist that you feel comfortable with and trust with a key part of your personal identity-your hair. Sure, it might grow back after a few weeks (or in my case months) but on the mean time, are you going to wear a hat everyday…indoors? Maybe it’ll be a great look, sure. However, for those of us diligently looking for our next go-to stylist, I’ve listed a few tips below!

  1. Be honest with yourself about how much you want to spend on a haircut. The prices vary tremendously between men and women’s services in salons. Us ladies usually pay $50 for a cut + shampoo or more on average, not to mention colour! However, there are budget friendly salons out there in case you have a tight budget. Frankly. I’ve gone to budget friendly salons and higher end and it’s not about the salon it’s really about the stylist that you get
  2. Ask your friends about their experiences and for recommendations. I’ve tried a few salons around the city after reading about them on blogTO or yelp. Truthfully, it’s better asking your friend about a specific stylist not just the salon they go to. If you’re a new client at a salon they will most likely look for a compatible timeslot first so you will get whichever stylist is free for that timeslot. Sometimes it works out well and the stylist does a great job with your new do, but sometimes it’s a miss so try to find out if there’s a specific stylist that your friend likes or is most requested by reviewers online
  3. Ask the stylist about your face shape and which hairstyle he/she thinks would be best. First, it’s good to know what your face shape is for future reference, just in case you decide to switch stylists again. Second, it will help you get a good idea of the stylist’s experience and knowledge base about hairstyling
  4. Creep their social media. Nowadays, if you don’t have a social media account as a business you’re missing out on getting your brand seen. Boutiques like HMP (Her Majesty’s Pleasure) or indie hairstylists doing their hair magic are sharing posts of their services for everyone to see. And aren’t they enticing? Just make sure to check customer reviews because they do vary on experience
  5. Narrow down your options and take the plunge! There’s a certain level of trust that we give to a hairstylist or a barber whether we’d like to admit it or not. Which is why it may be daunting to have to try different stylists. But you’re not going to know if you can get along with your new hairstylist if you don’t make that first appointment. Go ahead and make the call!

I’m sure there are other great tips for finding the right hairstylist. Feel free to share with us your tips and experiences by leaving a comment below. 🙂



P.S. I’m growing my hair again for my second round og hair donation! 🙂 It’s going well but rather slow.


Re: 9 Travel Planning Tips + Giveaway!


IMG_4681After months and months of slaving away in front of your computer or in class, a relaxing vacation may just be what you need! Now, I happen to be a pretty big planner when it comes to travelling. Let me clarify that, I’m a big planner before travelling. Getting the best deals for packages, tours or flights is a must, especially if you want to splurge on a nice getaway. Below are my top tips on travel planning:

  1. Do you have a travel bucket list? Bitten by the travel bug at a pretty young age, I’ve been lucky to check off destinations from my travel bucket list. Pinterest, however, has made it easier to add on to that list. Create a travel bucket list on Pinterest and explore destinations you may want to go to or have dreamt about going
  2. Set a budget. As much as we would all like to go on an adventure around the world, our wallets may not match that dream (not yet anyway!) Set a budget that you feel comfortable with without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to factor in the duration of your trip. It’s not a pretty feeling to go back home broke!
  3. Take your pick! Revisit your Pinterest board and pick destinations that may fit your budget.
  4. Process of elimination. You may or may not have to do this if you end up finding a package or tour that incorporates your preferred destinations. But if you don’t end up finding a package/tour, pick 1 or 2 places to visit. I know this may sound a little small but I find that travelling to multiple cities/countries in such a short time frame is not always the best. By picking 1 or 2 places, you get a chance to explore different parts of the city/country and actually experience what it may be like living there. If you plan on just laying on the beach 90% of your vacay, Sunwing has many all-inclusive packages for you to choose from
  5. How are you getting there? Airfare can cost a pretty penny especially when you’re going halfway around the world. There are a few websites online that will aggregate and compare flight deals, hotel deals and packages for you. Kayak,, FlighHub or even TripAdvisor, just to name a few
  6. Just book! After loads of research and email alerts about the latest deals, it can get a little tiresome. So, really, just book your tickets already
  7. Old school but still effective! Print out directions and contact info to your hotel/hostel just in case. Getting lost in the beauty of a city will become a lot more fun when you know that you have a place to stay for the night and how to get there
  8. Divide your cash. Most travel destinations accept credit, debit or cash now. Preferably, divide your money between a disposable credit card that you preloaded before your trip and physical cash. It’ll help you stay on track with your spending and it decreases the likelihood that all of your cash will get lost or stolen
  9. Make friends! One of the best parts about travelling to different places is meeting different people. Whether they are locals or fellow travellers, we all have stories to share so why not share it with each other. Besides, it gives you more reasons to come back for a visit!

To help you start with your travel planning adventure, I teamed up with Kvitka and Rochelle from Lipstick Trilogy for a GIVEAWAY! We are giving away an entire makeup bag full of travel goodies!

IMG_8476.JPGWhat’s in the bag:

  • Power bank
  • Cetaphil face wipes
  • Tide to-go
  • First aid kit
  • Secret Deodorant
  • Batiste dry shampoo
  • Nivea lip balm with SPF
  • Kleenex
  • Travel journal

*Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any brands. Each products were purchased out of our own pockets. The giveaway will run until NEXT WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016. To learn more about how to quality to the giveaway, FOLLOW myself (@always_kaye) AND the @lipsticktrilogy on Instagram. We will be posting the instructions tomorrow!



Re: Butt sweat. Let’s get cheeky with it!

Oh summer. Thank you for finally bringing us gorgeous clear blue skies, warm temperatures, and who can forget about all of the food, music and film festivals?! We look forward to your return every year! Just let me ask you this, why did you have to bring butt sweat with you?


We’ve all been there. Leisurely walking around the city on a beautiful summer’s day feeling ourselves while pretending that there are no dribbles of sweat running down our behind. Shhh, don’t even mention it! If you do, don’t forget to mention these top 8 tips on looking and staying fresh this summer season!

  1. Embroidered Cocoon Dress from Old Navy
    Embroidered Cocoon Dress from Old Navy; composition: 53% cotton, 40% rayon, 7% linen

    Cotton & linen are your best buds: wear fabrics that are made of natural fibres like cotton and linen. They are the go-to summer fabrics because they are breathable fabrics that will allow some airflow between your clothes and skin. It also helps that they are super light!

  2. Avoid polyester: We see a lot of polyester based clothes out there; some budget friendly and some high end. Polyester gets a bad rap for a lot of different reason, trapping the air and heat is just one of them. Made of synthetic material, polyester does not encourage good airflow between garments and your skin
  3. Loosey goosey: wear loose clothing to let more air in between your clothes and skin. A nice flowy dress or skirt might just do the trick!
  4. Under there, underwear: just like the clothes you wear on top, I’m sure we all know that there are different kinds of underwear to choose from and to avoid during the summer months. Using cotton based underwear or others with a similar dry-fit technology would help retain the airflow. Thongs, tangas and G-strings may seem like obvious choices since they definitely will encourage airflow between cheeks, but again, the fabric matters. Lace underwear seems like another obvious choice, sexy, feminine and totally breathable!
  5. For men, wearing the right clothes also matters! Men’s Health recommends wearing tight underwear and baggy pants or shorts. Of course, I can’t really comment on how effective this combo would be, but as long as the fabric used for underwear is cotton based your man should be fine.
  6. Bush work: I think we all saw this one coming, especially for you guys out there. Trimming down there or a little manscaping is also a good option. Think about it. That’s all I’m going to say.
  7. Go into the light: Avoid wearing dark colours or shades. A little high school science applies here. Dark colours like black or navy are more susceptible to absorbing heat unlike lighter colours like white or pastels. Lighter colours reflect the heat
  8. Dry fit was made for this! Dry-fit fabrics or clothing that has similar technology is awesome for keeping you fresh during the summer season or a good workout. Running shorts are definitely my go to since they are loose enough to be breathable and light enough that I won’t be feeling damp

Do you guys and gals have more cheeky advice for keeping your behind looking fresh? Share with us by leaving a comment below! 🙂



P.S. It’s totally normal for men and women to sweat from, well different places in our bodies. We just don’t talk about it enough 😉