Scaddabush: From the Heart to the Soul, with a temporary stop on a plate.

After a couple of weeks of neglecting my foodie cravings for a Summerlicious pick, my friend and I decided to go to lunch at Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar. To be completely honest, the first thing that caught my attention was the name. It is most definitely a unique and playful restaurant name. Coming from the Italian-American slang, scaddabush describes when something is, “a little of this and a little of that,” (from one of the servers I asked). Not definitive, I know, but it does reflect the charm this restaurant has. From the eclectic collection of light fixtures, mason jars, wooden chairs and framed photos, Scaddabush makes you feel like you are eating Sunday night dinner, Italian style. They also have a narrow patio at the front of the restaurant perfect for dining under the sunny skies.

For lunch, I had the Avocado & Goat cheese Bruschetta, Pizza Fresca Vegetarian, and for dessert, Strawberry Gelato. The bruschetta had the same classic taste from the garlic, cheese, tomatoes and herbs while adding a creamy component from the avocado. You might be thinking that this is borderline a guacamole, but it’s not. The goat cheese taste was subtle but it helped with defusing the avocado taste from overwhelming the dish.


The pizza was delicious, although I should have probably told them to cook it well done because I do like a crispier crust. I really liked the balsamic reduction and the Parmesan aioli and how well they complimented the peppery flavour of the baby arugulas. The tomatoes and roasted red peppers added sweetness and a little tang. Overall, it was a well-balanced dish.


When I was asking our server for recommendations, she mentioned that the chef specifically made the strawberry gelato for the Summerlicious menu. We went ahead and gave it a try. The strawberry flavour exploded at my first spoonful! It reminded me of a sorbet rather than a gelato, but unlike a sorbet, the consistency was creamier and the gelato melted in my mouth quickly. I also tasted some flavours of lemon as an accent to help with the sweetness of the dessert. It was a tad sweet for me since I generally prefer semi sweet-savoury desserts.


The staff was friendly, and accommodating despite of the larger groups around us. Also, my friend and I were going to be late for our reservation and the hostess politely told us when I called her to let her know that she was going to hold our table until we got there. Our server, Tiffany was very nice and had a bubbly friendly personality. I definitely recommend Scaddabush to my friends and family!

Have you been to Scaddabush on Gerrard? Leave a comment below and let me know how it went!


Hapa Izakaya

If you are following me on Instagram (if not follow me! @darekultura!) you may know that I recently graduated university. One of my fellow graduates and lovely friend decided to throw a get together at Hapa Izakaya to celebrate our milestone. Getting to the restaurant was as long and tiresome as the last few years we spent in university. A portion of College Street was closed for the Taste of Little Italy. The streets were filled with people from all ages and the festival had multiple live stage performances. After bulldozing my hungry self through the crowds I finally made it at Hapa Izakaya.

Hapa Izakaya has a pretty impressive wrap sheet from being voted in the “Top Five Izakayas in North America” by Bon Appetite Magazine to winning other prestigious awards. I totally understand why. Hapa Izakaya Toronto is one of the chain restaurants part of the Hapap Izakaya chain starting at Vancouver, B.C. in 2012. They offered various selections of cold and hot tapas, pressed sushi, omakase (prix fixed menu for 2 or 4-16 people). I decided to try their Scallop Tar Tar, Japanese Arancini and Matcha Crème Brûlée.

IMG_4950I thought that the scallop tar tar paired nicely with the crispy wonton chips. I used the wonton chips as a vehicle to carry the scallops into my mouth. The chips added texture and salt to the dish that wasn’t too overpowering. While the karashi mustard mayo packed quite a punch, especially at your first bite and the bacon was a little too hard for me. Overall it was an okay dish, there were definitely better selections like their fish tacos (everyone in our table ordered them!).

The Japanese Arancinis were my favourite! I loved the flavour combinations in the dish. The halibut risotto was deliciously paried with the dill aioli BC trout carpaccio and capers. The dish was very well seasoned and the different components had great taste and texture. Overall I thought that it was a balanced well-composed dish with subtle yet distinct flavours from each component, well done!

Last but definitely not the least, I had the Matcha Crème Brûlée for dessert. It was a fun concept and a delicious one too! I’m sitting here repeatedly trying to describe how good it was but I’m just lost for words. I loved that the matcha crème was light and creamy, yet the brûléed sugar gave a really stark textural contrast. The matcha flavour reminded me of a matcha green tea latte, light not bitter. Overall it was a creative dessert.

On the downside, our group was seated right next to the restaurant speakers, which made talking to each other difficult. Also, the restaurant was packed and our food took quite a long time to get to our table. The wait staff was polite and accommodating but I guess with a full house and festival happening at your doorstep it’s understandable why service was slow. The food was innovative and tasted great so I would come back again to see if the service is the same on a regular day.

Check out Hapa Izakaya and let me know what you think by commenting below! 🙂



Lac Vien Vietnamese Restaurant

My family and I have eaten at Lac Vien a few times and continuously love it! They offer a variety of dishes from mango salads, fried rice, fried noodles, different types of pho and so on. The prices are great as well, definitely affordable for the quality you’re getting. We usually go on Sundays for lunch and the place is always packed. This time we went on a Saturday. We ordered their fresh rolls with shrimp, deep fried spring rolls, beef pad thai, mango salad with grilled chicken and house special pho.

Lac Vien’s portions are quite big, perfect for sharing! I also appreciate their quick service and friendly staff . The food arrives at our table within minutes of ordering and is hot and fresh. Often, I would have to wait a few minutes for the spring rolls to cool down before taking a bite. Similarly with the pho, I would squeeze the lime, add the bean sprouts and tear a few leaves before diving in. For added flavour and spice, each table has a container of crushed chili, hot sauce and hoisin sauce. I prefer to add a little crushed chili and hoisin sauce to balance the flavours. After mixing all of these components together, my bowl of pho tastes spicy (but not too spicy), tangy from the lime, a little sweet from the hoisin and savoury from the broth. The house special pho is light, flavourful and comforting. As for the rest of the dishes we order, they were well cooked and again flavourful.

I definitely recommend eating at Lac Vien if you live around Scarborough-Markham area or just in the neighborhood!

Do you guys know other awesome Vietnamese restaurants in Scarborough or around the GTA I should check out? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂



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Yes, I was so hungry that the aroma coming out of the box made me start eating my sandwich on a subway bench while waiting for the train to come. Excuse the lighting
Yes, I was so hungry that the aroma coming out of the box made me start eating my sandwich on a subway bench while waiting for the train to come. Excuse the lighting!

Last Friday a few of my friends and I decided on going to High Park for a picnic. I wanted to walk from campus (UofT, St. George), to High Park just for fun since I haven’t had the chance to do so. Well, that sort of happened. Just having a banana and a few cookies for breakfast didn’t cut it. So a few of us walking together made our way to Bloomer’s near Ossington station to get a quick bite.

Being vegans, my friends new where the awesome vegan places are in Toronto. And Bloomer’s was definitely one of them. I ordered their tofu club sandwich. It had tempeh bacon, marinated grilled tofu, tomatoes, lettuce and some type of sriracha mayo. Here’s what I like about it: everything. The marinade on the tofu was great. It almost tasted like a savoury teriyaki BBQ tofu; you can taste the soy sauce and some sweetness from another ingredient in the marinade. I also liked how well the different components of the sandwich came together. Adding a spice and tangy element from the sriracha may, crunch from the lettuce and some freshness from the tomatoes. But I have to say, that tempeh bacon was just a crispy and delicious substitute for bacon! For me, it made the sandwich!

They also have some in-house made pastries, soups, salads and various kinds of drinks to compliment their dishes. However, I did wait quite a bit for my sandwich. There was only one person on the front counter and three in the back. With a line of people quickly forming, the front staff looked a bit flustered. The restaurant had decent seating with a few booths near the wall on the left side and tables parallel to them. Despite the wait, I recommend you guys to check out Bloomer’s and try their tofu club sandwich-vegan or not!

Happy Sunday!



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