Re: My Fitness Journey – The Weight Game

During one of my conversations with Mr. Ko a few nights ago we briefly talked about fitness and eating well despite having busy working hours. Generally speaking, I don’t have set 9am-5pm workdays because my work follows me even outside my “office hours.” So it has been very easy for me to have late lunches, skip breakfasts or not notice that I should probably grab something to eat. I know it sounds a little extreme but it happens quite a bit and with food being such a huge component of having a stable fitness regime, I wanted to talk to you guys and gals about it.

This photo is from a TEDx UofT conference with one of the speakers back in 2014; after I gained back around 23-25 pounds

I lost about 25-30 pounds on my first year of university. I know, it’s quite the opposite from the “freshman 15” myth. I didn’t necessarily need to lose weight when it happened, and I remember weighing myself one day and seeing that I was below 100 pounds. Frankly, it made me feel weak and I appreciated the curves I had. Back then and today, my mindset when I workout is to not only stay fit but as an escape from stress. It was an hour or two of my day that I can focus on other things aside from work, readings and reoccurring thoughts in my head.

Gaining back 25 pounds gradually was awesome. Again, it might sound strange but it did. I still worked out when I was gaining weight and I was thankful that I gained the weight in most of my desired areas. Of course, maintaining the weight was a whole different experience. It was very difficult to do for me and actually when I did gain the 20 pounds, I ended up losing about 5-7 pounds 5 months after. Now, I’m talking about my weight for today’s post because during Mr. Ko and I’s conversation, I was telling him that I’m scared that I might lose more weight once I start to increase the intensity of my workouts. Throughout the past 3 years, my weight has not been consistent until recently so I want to make sure that I am maintaining it better. I grew to love my body the past few years even if I might not be as toned as I’d like to or whether I wish my butt will absorb the fat on my belly. I feel good and that’s what I want to maintain.

As per usual, I’ll check with you guys again next week for my fitness & healthy recipes! Feel free to leave a comment below and share with us your experiences 🙂



P.S. My apologies for the lack of photos on this post. I tried looking for a photo from


Re: Days 9 & 10 of My Fitness Journey

I am really glad to say that I’ve managed to designate a couple of days of the week to push myself to do early morning workouts. It’s a great feeling to start your morning already with a boost of motivation and energy for the rest of your day. I’ve noticed that doing these simple morning exercises have helped me sleep better, eat more regularly and get into a better mood. Those endorphins were definitely working during some unfortunate morning delays while I was commuting to work.

After my morning workout 🙂

On a different note, though this post is about days 9 & 10 of my fitness journey, I am doing my workouts regularly. It has been quite difficult to write these fitness journals and reflections right after my workout because I sometimes have forgotten about writing them or am rushing to an appointment/meeting. That being said, I will continue to try and write these fitness journals and reflections as much as I can I just wanted to let you guys and gals know that I have been doing my workouts a lot more regularly than a month ago.

That being said, it’s really true that a huge part of accomplishing our goals rest on our mental will. It’s easy to make excuses why we can’t get up early in the morning; it’s really dark out, it’s too cold, etc. Oddly, this is something that I’ve struggled with the past couple of months. There always seems to be work or another task that I have used as an excuse to do instead of actually doing my workouts. Now, who am I really putting in disadvantage when I do that? Myself.

We make time for the things we value; it’s time to make time to take care of ourselves.







Re: Days 7 & 8 of My Fitness Journey

It’s been a while since I blogged about my fitness journey. I am still trying to maitain a good fitness routine every other day, though last week was a little tough. You see, my day job is in social and digital marketing. So there’s a lot of sitting doing research, content development, stats analysis and so on. I had a minor ‘techneck’ problem last week since I had been gearing up for my client’s Valentine’s Day campaigns. My neck and deltoids were a bit sore, although it really could have been prevented had I stretched my neck or changed my sitting position every couple of hours.

Anyway, on days I forced myself to do complete my fitness exercises, I spent more time doing stretches before starting my routine. It’s such a simple thing but it can make a ton of difference. I went on and completed my routine, had a green smoothie and lunch.

I’m really glad that I decided to blog about my fitness journey. It’s a great way for me to reflect on my own healthy/fitness habits and it has helped me recognize simple solutions to problems I perpetually ignored. I know I shouldn’t expect myself to immediately get used to the changes that have been happening in my body and in my life. It might sound a little corny, but I’m growing up and I’m watching myself grow up each and every day.



P.S. Here is my current fitness routine:

  • 10 x 5 jump squats
  • 1 min x 3 (intervals) cross-body mountain climbers
  • 10 x 3 reverse oblique crunch
  • 20 x 3 bridges/hip thrust
  • 15 x 3 seated oblique twist
  • 1 min x 2 (intervals) high knees

I will be incorporating  10-15 x 3 dips for my next workout routine 🙂

Favourite green smoothie right now: spinach, apple, ground cinnamon, yogurt & milk

Re: Day 5 & 6 of My Fitness Journey

Mother nature gave me my monthly present over the weekend (last weekend). If you’re like me, the cramps can be pretty unbearable, so I decided to do Day 5 on Wednesday morning instead. I stayed indoors because of the weather and did more strength (legs + glutes) and core exercises. Before you say anything, I’m going bite the bullet and say, YES, I like doing squats. If you want to be more specific, I like doing jump squats. It can be a little harder and you definitely need to be aware of where your feet land but I love the challenge!

Photo from Konkura Fitness Community

Another exercise that’s part of my routine is cross-body mountain climber. A total body exercise that helps with your lower body, core and cardio, and if you really want to push it, try doing them in timed intervals. To make it a little bit more challenging (because evidently I like to give my body a beating), I used to use a BOSU ball.

For day 6, I worked on my arms a little more as well as my core and legs of course. Since I am a big fan of boxing and have participated in cardio box classes, I decided to do similar exercises with my 5 pound free weights. Plus, it’s a bonus that I can incorporate a little cardio and legs with the routine. A little jab, jab, squat and a few reps later, I’ll definitely be sore the next morning! Reminds me, I need to incorporate more of these cardiobox exercises into my routine more often…






P.S. I have been eating breakfast but still not as consistently as I would like. It seems like my go-to for breakfast are shakes. I’m using spinach in all of my shakes this week! 🙂