Re: Who names these eyeshadows?

I’m sure we’ve all thought about this. We swatch the eyeshadow colour, ouu! It’s nice! Then we look at the back to get the name of it for future reference and it says, “Scratch.” Scratch what? Oh right, that’s the name of the eyeshadow! Womp, womp… So I thought, why not find the most interesting eyeshadow names you can find in the market?! Here’s a top 10 of the most unique names of eyeshadows!

Mildew eyeshadow by urban decay
Who wants to wear ‘mildew’ (mold) on their eyes? I don’t know, just a thought.
  1. Mildew by Urban Decay
  2. Erotic by Colour Pop
  3. Multitasker by Tarte (in Tartelette palette)
  4. Beans are White by Zoeva (in Cocao Blen palette)
  5. Hammered by Colour Pop
  6. Schmooze by Buxom
  7. Tease by Urban Decay
  8. Dive Bar by Urban Decay
  9. Grind by Tarte (tarteist metallic shadow)
  10. Hussy by Tarte (tarteist metallic shadow)

From this little experiment I found out: 1. There are a lot of eyeshadow names that can be mistaken for sexual innuendos and 2. Sometimes the names don’t actually describe the eyeshadow colour, well in the most obvious way possible.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this; pretty curious is anyone else noticed these with other makeup products. Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us! 🙂



Disclaimer: These eyeshadows as a product are pretty awesome in terms of pigmentation and wear. Definitely not hating on the products or brands mentioned in this post. They have beautiful makeup products! 🙂


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