Re: Hair, be gone!


I had to use this gif! It was too fitting! (NO this is not me)
Whether it’s waxing, shaving, threading, plucking, sugaring, creams or even laser, we constantly try to remove unwanted hair in multiple areas of our body. Some are definitely more painful than others, especially when it comes to sensitive areas (*ahem…) That being said, I wanted to share my experiences with waxing, threading and sugaring with you guys.

Thankfully blessed with my mom’s genes, I don’t have a lot of ‘unwanted hair’ to remove on my body. Usually, I get my eyebrows and other areas done either with sugaring, threading or good old shaving. I refrain from doing treatments that involve waxing because of a couple of REALLY bad experiences.

A few years ago, I went in for my usual appointment to get my eyebrows done at a pretty well known salon. Mid-way through my session with the aesthetician, she realized that something was wrong either with the wax or her whatever she was doing. Little did I know that a piece of my skin was waxed off with my eyebrow hair!! Dumbfounded by what was happening, I went home and checked my eyebrows again to see why I felt some stinging. Of course, it healed over time BUT I started noticing that there are no hairs growing at the same spot! Needless to say, I never went back to the same salon.

On a different occasion, I again received some burns while getting waxed at other areas of my body. I actually was not informed until after I switched to sugaring! With waxing, the pain is pretty immediate and it will linger for a few hours to the rest of the day, especially if you get a Brazilian. They also don’t advice you to do any physical activity that may cause you to sweat for at least 24 hours to avoid infection. According to Women’s Health magazine, “Friction and sweat can irritate the skin, which is especially sensitive immediately after being waxed-you’re more prone to getting bacteria within the first 24 hours.” If you are trying waxing for the first time, I recommend going to Wax on Bar. They’re staff are friendly and will be able to answer last minute questions in case it’s your first time getting a bikini wax or Brazilian. If it is your first time doing a Brazilian, ask about a numbing cream that you can put before your appointment. It takes about 10-15 minutes before it gets completely numb down there but it does help with the pain. Their rooms are also very clean! This is a top priority for me so the rest of the places that I may mention in this post are held up to the same standards.

Sugar paste used for sugaring
Anyway, I tried sugaring and have stuck with it ever since. Part of the reason is because I noticed that my hair growth timeline has changed and so I don’t necessarily need to get sugaring done as often. I also appreciate that the sugar paste that they use to remove your hair is made of simple natural ingredients and will not rip off your skin. In terms of pain, it feels the same as when you are getting hot waxed. The only difference is that the pain doesn’t linger. I’d say about an hour or two at most, but we all have different pain thresholds so don’t quote me on that! Haha! Unfortunately, sugaring can cost you the same price as waxing. Sorry no savings there! I like going to Aroma Wax Clinic near Bloor-Bathurst. Right when you enter the space, it smells like tea and lemon scented cleansers! They have really friendly staff as well. Try booking an appointment with Jasmine for sugaring, she’s a doll! 🙂

After my eyebrow incident, I started getting my eyebrows threaded at a salon near my parent’s house, Prayosha. They listen to your request in terms of how you would like your eyebrows shaped, it’s super quick and the price can NOT be beat! Last time I went there, I got my eyebrows threaded for $4? Include the upper lip and it’ll be $8. I love a good deal and the quality was pretty good too! It definitely doesn’t hurt as much as waxing but there’s still some pain; nothing a little aloe can’t soothe.

I haven’t gotten laser hair removal so if any of you have tried the treatment I’d love to hear your experiences. Feel free to leave a comment below and share with us! 🙂

It’s Thursday, I might as well throw in a tbt! 😉



IMG_8489P.S. If you want to have nice golden tanned legs, try using coconut oil. It’s super moisturizing so it’ll help your skin hydrated during your tanning sessions. I use it as a moisturizer too instead of body lotions, to give my legs that healthy glow! 😉

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