Re: Butt sweat. Let’s get cheeky with it!

Oh summer. Thank you for finally bringing us gorgeous clear blue skies, warm temperatures, and who can forget about all of the food, music and film festivals?! We look forward to your return every year! Just let me ask you this, why did you have to bring butt sweat with you?


We’ve all been there. Leisurely walking around the city on a beautiful summer’s day feeling ourselves while pretending that there are no dribbles of sweat running down our behind. Shhh, don’t even mention it! If you do, don’t forget to mention these top 8 tips on looking and staying fresh this summer season!

  1. Embroidered Cocoon Dress from Old Navy
    Embroidered Cocoon Dress from Old Navy; composition: 53% cotton, 40% rayon, 7% linen

    Cotton & linen are your best buds: wear fabrics that are made of natural fibres like cotton and linen. They are the go-to summer fabrics because they are breathable fabrics that will allow some airflow between your clothes and skin. It also helps that they are super light!

  2. Avoid polyester: We see a lot of polyester based clothes out there; some budget friendly and some high end. Polyester gets a bad rap for a lot of different reason, trapping the air and heat is just one of them. Made of synthetic material, polyester does not encourage good airflow between garments and your skin
  3. Loosey goosey: wear loose clothing to let more air in between your clothes and skin. A nice flowy dress or skirt might just do the trick!
  4. Under there, underwear: just like the clothes you wear on top, I’m sure we all know that there are different kinds of underwear to choose from and to avoid during the summer months. Using cotton based underwear or others with a similar dry-fit technology would help retain the airflow. Thongs, tangas and G-strings may seem like obvious choices since they definitely will encourage airflow between cheeks, but again, the fabric matters. Lace underwear seems like another obvious choice, sexy, feminine and totally breathable!
  5. For men, wearing the right clothes also matters! Men’s Health recommends wearing tight underwear and baggy pants or shorts. Of course, I can’t really comment on how effective this combo would be, but as long as the fabric used for underwear is cotton based your man should be fine.
  6. Bush work: I think we all saw this one coming, especially for you guys out there. Trimming down there or a little manscaping is also a good option. Think about it. That’s all I’m going to say.
  7. Go into the light: Avoid wearing dark colours or shades. A little high school science applies here. Dark colours like black or navy are more susceptible to absorbing heat unlike lighter colours like white or pastels. Lighter colours reflect the heat
  8. Dry fit was made for this! Dry-fit fabrics or clothing that has similar technology is awesome for keeping you fresh during the summer season or a good workout. Running shorts are definitely my go to since they are loose enough to be breathable and light enough that I won’t be feeling damp

Do you guys and gals have more cheeky advice for keeping your behind looking fresh? Share with us by leaving a comment below! 🙂



P.S. It’s totally normal for men and women to sweat from, well different places in our bodies. We just don’t talk about it enough 😉

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