Re: Working with small spaces + DIY desk


With some changes happening this month, my work area at home decreased probably by half. Working at tight spaces can be a challenge, especially when looking for furniture that fits well with the space. So, I decided to make my desk instead and leverage the wall space I do have.

I really wanted to use this 7-foot bar top that my dad salvaged from our first house. It was well made and maintained; solid wood that was sanded, stained then varnished. Half of the work was already done! First I thought about mounting the desk to the wall to get a floating effect. Unfortunately because it is 7 feet long and is quite heavy, the wall may not be able to support the entire structure. Mr. Ko helped me come up with plan B! A quick browse…ok maybe an hour, on IKEA’s website to find table legs and a few other things, I got the dimensions and the measurements work. Total spend on my new DIY desk = $16 + tax. Not too bad, if I say so myself! I used the ADILS table legs in white and I think it’s still on sale!

colour palette
The colour palettes I created for this room was inspired by a painting I picked up while I was traveling in Paris. I just loved how fresh and calming it looks! 🙂 (the palette has RBG codes already in case you wanted to know)

While browsing through IKEA’s I stumbled upon some wall shelves with bright red brackets. Looking back to a color palette I made before starting to redecorate my new space, the red brackets adds that right pop of colour I was looking for! My sheer curtains and bedding complemented the entire look starting with the white metal bed frames and vibrant comforter.

I’ll have to show you guys my new space some time! 🙂

Do you have some tips on how to work with small spaces on a budget? Share with us by leaving a comment below!



P.S. I made a few colour palettes before deciding on the one I wanted to use. Feel free to have a look at my Pinterest board! 🙂

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