Re: Summer Skincare Tips

With the hot and humid weather coming, do you guys feel like your skin is changing? During the summer months, I notice that my forehead tends to get a tad oilier and, of course, a lot more tan than the rest of my face. This post features some of my basic summer skincare tips to keep your skin healthy. *Just a reminder, we all have different skin types so I will try to give as much variety as I can. (FYI: my skin type is normal to sensitive)

First and foremost, using sunscreen is an absolute must! Too much sun exposure could cause sunspots, uneven skin tones and sunburns. There are definitely a lot more to add to that list but the key message is that we should always wear sunscreen all year round, especially over the summer. Now when using sunscreen, use a different product for your face and the rest of your body. Sunscreens that are meant to be used for your body tend to be heavier or thicker for your face, which may cause your face to become oilier throughout the day. Sunscreen sprays have also been popular and can be purchased at your local drugstore or even at Sephora.

I’m using a clay mask from the FaceShop on my T-zone and will be applying a honey mask for the rest of my face.

Like what I said earlier in this post, my skin tends to get oilier during the summer months so I multimask my face. For example, I would use a clay based mask for my T-zone because that’s where I get oilier over the summer while, I use a cleansing and nourishing mask for the rest of my face. For me, it works quite well since it allows me to target my problem areas according to the appropriate treatment that they need.

Also, hot and humid weathers can sometimes dry out my lips a lot more quickly. Consistently drinking water, applying some lip balm (with SPF if you can) and scrubbing away some dead skin helps a lot! My favourite lip scrub to use is just a combination of sugar and coconut oil.

A good cleanser is a must all year round, but it definitely does a tougher job during the summer with all of the dust, dirt and sweat! I accidentally forgot my cleanser on our trip to Michigan for my cousin’s wedding. A quick trip to Walmart later, I picked up Cetaphil’s Daily cleanser as a replacement. I’ve been using it ever since! It does a great job cleaning my skin and it doesn’t dry it out. I also recommend using a cleansing mask at least once a week if you tend to be on the oilier side like me. It helps draw out excess oil and impurities that your cleanser left behind.

Lastly to get that sun kissed glow, coconut oil has been more than helpful! Try using coconut oil instead of a tanning oil to give your skin a little bit more moisture while tanning outside. Plus, don’t forget to exfoliate your face and body! I’ve been using a hand glove exfoliator with any body wash or soap to help exfoliate my body. For the face, I consider St. Ive’s Anti-blemish apricot scrub as one of my OG’s in my scrub collection. Still an awesome product!

Do you have any summer skincare favs you’ve been loving lately? Share with us by leaving a comment below! 🙂





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