Re: Could you wear white at someone else’s wedding?


Red dress with family
Congratulations to my beautiful cousin and her new husband! ❤

While I was looking for a dress to wear at my cousin’s wedding and other weddings that I will be attending later on, most of the dresses I liked were white. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would already know that I decided to go with a red dress instead. Although, the thought still lingered, could you wear white at someone else’s wedding? So, I asked my newly wed sister (yes, I consider up to 2-3 years newly wed!) and a few friends about their thoughts. The answers were pretty surprising!

red dress, nude shoes, red bag, pink flowers
Red dress: Zara; nude heels: Steve Madden & red bag from Danier

The general consensus was that there was an understanding that traditionally, only the bride gets to wear white on her wedding day. Supposedly, someone else wearing white would be an offense as it would detract from focusing on the bride during her big day. White was symbolic for the bride to be worn as a sign of purity of the soul. I’m refusing to accept this, considering I think we all would be able to notice the ONLY lady with a vale and white dress carrying a bouquet of flowers… And what would you say to the bride-to-be’s who want to wear a colored wedding dress? Gwen Stefani looked gorgeous on her pink ombre wedding dress! Needless to say, the happy couple actually being wed will be the focal point of the entire day, dress in white, purple, and blue or patterned. Just do you girl!

Gwen Stefani's pink Dior wedding dress
Sorry it didn’t work out Gwen! The Dior wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous though 🙂

Anyway, my sister’s initial answer was that she would not have cared whether or not someone else wore white on her wedding day. She says that the guests will already be attending her wedding and it would be clearly indicated via other aspects in the wedding like the cake or the presents for the guests so why should that matter? Looking back, she actually was not a total bridezilla, so this answer should not come as a surprise. I think her husband was a little bit more frantic with the wedding details than she was! (So I’ve been told haha) Inversely, she says that she may react negatively when my niece gets married. Not entirely sure why, but I thought it was an interesting contrast that she would mind it when someone wore white at her daughter’s wedding.

Similarly, my other friends say that they too would not care as much. One of my friends suggested that since she has never been the kind of girl that fantasized about her wedding day, she may not care as much as other brides. Fair point to add! Having this in mind, I asked another friend and colleague about her thoughts since she has mentioned a few months ago that her friend recently got married. Chatting a little bit more, she did confirm that her friend would have been furious if she saw a guest wearing a white dress!

From this mini investigation, I gathered that it really comes down to the bride. Some brides would not mind at all, while others may mind a whole lot. If you’re a close friend of the bride, perhaps asking her before buying a white dress will save you some time pondering. Though just to be safe, not wearing white on someone else’s wedding is STILL a bad idea, generally speaking.

Are you attending a wedding this summer? Care to weigh in on my mini investigation? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below! 🙂



P.S. I’m not entirely sure why, but it might be fun asking guests to wear white when my wedding day comes around. You know, just to be a little different 😉

P.P.S. Aunties and Mom, I’m not getting married anytime soon. Sorry, didn’t want to get your hopes up!



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