Re: Top 5 investment pieces in my closet

Looking through my wardrobe, I’ve gotten away with not going shopping for clothes as much over the years. I have 2 other sisters and thankfully I’ve been able to receive some clothes from them that they’ve outgrown. You might be thinking, hand me downs? You actually wear hand me downs? Hahaha well some of those hand me downs still had tags on them so…? Anyway, transitioning, or should I say, adulting, has been pushing me to go shopping for clothes that suits my current style and life stage. I won’t be doing a complete overhaul of my wardrobe but I will be shopping for some investment pieces. So I thought why not share my top 5 investment pieces with you guys!

  1. White button down shirt
  2. Pants (from jeans to trousers)
  3. Blazers
  4. Shoes
  5. Dress

White button down shirt

hm-buttondown shirt
White stretch button down shirt from H&M

Patterned button down shirt from H&M – work wear to casual
This item might sound a little boring but I really want to hone in on the versatility factor of investing on a good quality white button down shirt. For interview purposes and office wear (especially if your office/industry has an unspoken dress code) you’re going to need something that makes you look professional. I often use my white button down shirts with skirts and under dresses with no sleeves. I love that it still makes me feel feminine and a boss lady at the same time 😉 haha! Exploring other colours and prints are also fun to do to mix up your look while maintaining a professional vibe.


Straight leg trousers from Reitmans. There are different cuts for pants, make sure you pick the one that’s right for your body shape.
I’m going to be completely frank with you guys and gals, I’m not a big fan of wearing pants, especially when it’s raining. Sometimes it gets too hot, it’s cuts too long or it doesn’t fit me well. That being said, buying an awesome pair of jeans AND trousers for casual and formal affairs are great investment pieces. Yes, it might take a few trips at different stores to get the right pair of pants that makes your butt look fabulous but once you do, you’ll have a better idea of where to get them. I’ll give you an example. When my mom and I were at the Philippines visiting family we of course went to a few different shops. We came across Bench and looked around. She tried on a 3-5 pairs of pants that she thought would be great for work. After some time in the change room, she found a pair that fit her well and was the right length for her petite stature. The colour was great too! Now she knows which brand would be able to carry the kind of trouser that she likes as well what it actually feels and looks like when a pair of trousers fit her well. It’s hard to find the right pair of pants but it is worth the monetary and time investment when you find them.


I bought my first blazer when I was 19 (I think?) and I’ve had it ever since. Paired with jeans, trousers or a skirt, blazers are great investment pieces for us young professionals out there. Attending conferences or networking events, especially in business, owning a blazer is just one of those quintessential pieces to have in your wardrobe. That’s not to say you can’t get away with wearing cardigans, blazers just add that punch. Even more, when the blazer fits you well it helps complete your outfit and makes you look a lot more polished. There are different styles of blazers, have fun with trying them on! They’re not as stuffy as it might look 😉


I’m not sure if it’s fair to put shoes in this list considering I’m fully aware that shoes are one of my strongest vices. I don’t know what it is about them, but a great pair of heels just hits the right spot. There are a few different kinds of shoes I think is worth investing on (1 pair for each kind):IMG_8062

  1. Pointy toe pumps/sandals
  2. Flats
  3. Workout shoes (that you actually use to workout on; also keep in mind that a good pair of workout/running shoes helps with preventing injuries!)
  4. Rain boots

Just 4 different kinds, that’s not a lot right? Enough that you can have something to wear for every occasion and weather. I think that’s reasonable. Though, if I had to pick 1 kind to invest on, I would pick pumps/sandals. Great to wear casual, formal or for business purposes AND it makes my legs look fabulous 😉 haha!


Mid-length red tube dress. In love with this dress! *sigh
We’ve all heard of LBDs (or little black dresses), but your investment dress doesn’t have to be black. Come to think of it, mine is a floral print! When buying an investment dress I think of fit and longevity of the style. Some dresses are great to keep up with current style trends, but your investment dress could be something you wear 2 years from now. Really think about the colours, prints and styles that make you feel good and wear great with your body shape. LBDs are good because they give you a blank canvas. Swapping different accessories with the dress helps you stay current but who’s to say your LBD can’t be white? Think about the principles not just the color.

Another long post but I hope that this list was helpful for your next shopping trip! Do you guys have any pieces you’d like to add to this list? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!



P.S. Some of the images above are from designated online stores. This was not a sponsored post, I simply wanted to give you ladies options from where you may (or not) buy pieces from.

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