Re: Last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Happy Mother's Day-edited
We’ve all been there…maybe more than once. Queen of the last minute gift buying, I came up with my top 3 last minute gifts for Mother’s Day this weekend (emphasis on THIS weekend!) Simple, thoughtful and just what mom needs.

  1. Framed + Signed Thank You Poem

I was walking around the mall a few years ago around this time of the year when I stumbled upon a vendor selling personalized poems. The poems were framed and individually made for the person buying or receiving the gift. Inspired by this vendor, I found a thank you poem online and did some basic graphic design work by adding a background behind the text, changing text styles and colour. To make it a tad more sentimental (cheesy lol), I personally signed the poem before putting it in a frame. My mom has kept it ever since! (Tip: you can find poems on Pinterest for different occasions)


  1. Massage/Spa Packages

If you have the budget for these kinds of gifts, it’s definitely a great way to give mom a little time off from work and chores around the house for a relaxing afternoon. The price varies depending on the package you get, but you can never go wrong with a massage. I’m sure she’ll be thankful with a foot rub after work too! 😉

  1. Time alone

Talking with one of my hygienists last week, she was telling me how much she craves a little bit of alone time away from her 3 young boys. So for Mother’s Day, she simply wanted some time to focus on her. Now, there are many different ways you can go about giving mom some time alone. Husbands and fathers why not take the kids out around the city for the day and let mom do whatever she wants to do? Maybe mom just needs some time to read her book in comfortable silence?

Whether you buy your gift, make your gift or plan something special for mom, I’m sure mom will love them anyway! 🙂 Are you guys and gals doing anything special for Mother’s Day? Leave a comment below and share with us!



P.S. Feel free to use some of the Mother’s Day postcards I made. Just click the pictures to download the print versions below:


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