Re: Am I the only one?

yt-video copyWhile scrolling through my feed on Facebook, I came across a recent viral video of a kid in the bathroom talking about everything he had eaten. Am I the only person who was a little disturbed by this? Okay, okay, I get how this can be funny but I think we need to listen about what this 3 year old is saying to himself, emphasizing that HE’S 3!

“I ate so much food. That poo will overflow the toilet!”

“I don’t even know why I ate that much food. I will not eat that much food again…Ugh!”

And then he goes on and lists all of the food that he ate using a disappointed tone. He’s 3, should he really be thinking that he ate too much food? I don’t think so.

Right off the bat, this kid associates a negative connotation with diets and food instead of wanting to explore different flavours and food. We hear a lot about body image and the troubling statistics around young girls and boys unhappy with their body shape; pressure being a certain weight and so on. I’m writing this post and honestly, I can’t fathom why a 3 year old would think that he has eaten too much and that he should limit his food intake?

Parents, how do you promote a body positive message to a 3 year old? (I’m sincerely asking) Or how do you teach kids about living a balanced lifestyle?

Share with us your thoughts about this video or if you think I’m just overreacting a tad bit. We’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂








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