Re: Empties & New Skincare Purchases

For this week’s beauty and skincare post, I wanted to share with you guys the skincare products I’ve been using the past few months, a repurchase and a new product I’m trying out.IMG_7825.JPG My two empties are the Live Clean Moisturizing Shampoo with Coconut Milk and SHE Gel Sugar Scrub in Lemon & Grapefruit. The Live Clean was a pass along product from my mom since she noticed that it was an eco-friendly product and that it was on sale. After finishing this shampoo, I actually will not be repurchasing it because it made my scalp dry and it was not at all moisturizing for my hair. I’ve been seeing this brand a lot in different stores and was wondering if any of you guys and gals had a different experience?

Moving on to the SHE gel sugar scrub (the link is not to the actual product but this is the company who makes them), I REALLY like this product! One of my secrets to keeping soft and smooth skin is exfoliating-EVERYWHERE! This product did a great job exfoliating my and it did not easily run out unlike other sugar scrubs. It also had a lovely fresh lemon and grapefruit smell. I wish I took a photo before I used this product all up but to be honest I didn’t anticipate on writing a post on it. Since it is a product that I had awesome results with and will be repurchasing, I wanted to share it with you guys. Plus, this gel scrub was a #WINNERSFabFind for $5.99 + tax a pot! A pretty good deal if I say so myself! 😉

On to my new purchase and repurchase, I recently picked up Cerave’s Facial Moisturizing Lotion (AM) with SPF 30 to try it out for the first time. Meanwhile, I have repurchased a few tubes of the St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub for years! It’s one of my favourite facial scrubs of all time. IMG_7830Now, I have been using the Cerave moisturizing lotion for about a week to a couple of weeks and I don’t really see a huge difference on my skin. I decided to give this product a try because of the ingredients. I found this product through one of Allure magazine’s top lists while I searching for a product with hyaluronic acid and SPF. It has ceramides, niacinamides, hyaluronic acid and, of course, SPF 30. I will give this lotion a try for a while and see if there are any changes, good and bad. Recently, I am noticing some bumps appearing on my forehead area, near my brows, so we’ll see.

I’ll talk to you guys and gals soon! Follow me on Instagram to see some of my daily adventures! 🙂





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