Re: Are we really ‘Chic At Any Size’?

From, March 30, 2016

While catching up on a couple of episodes of The Social on CTV a few nights ago, a brief segment was dedicated to a response Amy Schumer made about the recent Glamour magazine ‘Chic at Any Size’ issue that she was mentioned in.


Could we just look at that list for a second, because I was sold with Adele being on the list.

Now this triggered me to look at other magazines, particularly Vogue’s long-running ‘Shape Issue’ editions. Frankly doing that didn’t help. Most of the info that I dug up bashed the magazine for publishing content that was not reflective of the very core purpose of the shape issues. Then I looked up some of the previous covers and the headlines that Vogue had for their dedicated shape issues just to get a better idea. I’m a little disappointed to say that I can see where those critics were coming from. A lot of the headlines talked about dieting and exercising while featuring gorgeous celebrities that us ordinary folks might gush over or use as a ‘fitspiration’. It definitely left me wondering how these shape issue editions actually target the ‘shape issue’?


In contrast, Glamour magazine’s recent special edition is targeted for plus size women. Featuring the voluptuous and fabulous Ashley Graham as the cover girl, the headlines boast about the many different ways plus size women can accentuate their curves and battling the stereotypes about which patterns and clothing trends that may not work with plus size women. From this standpoint, I appreciate that Glamour magazine is celebrating diversity between different sizes and shapes of women. Definitely a huge shift from a lot of the stuff we hear when it comes to the fashion industry! Woot body positivity!

Although going back to Amy Schumer’s comment, I was a little disappointed that she may have missed the point of coming out with a special edition that celebrated plus size women. Besides, why would you need to point out that other women on the ‘Women Who Inspire Us’ list are plus size and you’re not? Is that really that relevant to what the issue is trying to accomplish? I don’t know, just putting it out there.

Out of that mini body positive reflection, I wanted to highlight the diverse set of fashion and beauty bloggers out there. It’s awesome to see so many different women embracing their beauty and sharing it with the world. I hope to see more women of different shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicity celebrate their love for fashion online! It’s about time we see real women in magazines, don’t you think?




P.S. I also want to mention that Vogue came out with a recent article talking about “8 Senior Style Muses You Need to Follow Now.” Love that this article is about getting style and fashion inspirations from senior women!

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