Re: My Fitness Journey – The Weight Game

During one of my conversations with Mr. Ko a few nights ago we briefly talked about fitness and eating well despite having busy working hours. Generally speaking, I don’t have set 9am-5pm workdays because my work follows me even outside my “office hours.” So it has been very easy for me to have late lunches, skip breakfasts or not notice that I should probably grab something to eat. I know it sounds a little extreme but it happens quite a bit and with food being such a huge component of having a stable fitness regime, I wanted to talk to you guys and gals about it.

This photo is from a TEDx UofT conference with one of the speakers back in 2014; after I gained back around 23-25 pounds

I lost about 25-30 pounds on my first year of university. I know, it’s quite the opposite from the “freshman 15” myth. I didn’t necessarily need to lose weight when it happened, and I remember weighing myself one day and seeing that I was below 100 pounds. Frankly, it made me feel weak and I appreciated the curves I had. Back then and today, my mindset when I workout is to not only stay fit but as an escape from stress. It was an hour or two of my day that I can focus on other things aside from work, readings and reoccurring thoughts in my head.

Gaining back 25 pounds gradually was awesome. Again, it might sound strange but it did. I still worked out when I was gaining weight and I was thankful that I gained the weight in most of my desired areas. Of course, maintaining the weight was a whole different experience. It was very difficult to do for me and actually when I did gain the 20 pounds, I ended up losing about 5-7 pounds 5 months after. Now, I’m talking about my weight for today’s post because during Mr. Ko and I’s conversation, I was telling him that I’m scared that I might lose more weight once I start to increase the intensity of my workouts. Throughout the past 3 years, my weight has not been consistent until recently so I want to make sure that I am maintaining it better. I grew to love my body the past few years even if I might not be as toned as I’d like to or whether I wish my butt will absorb the fat on my belly. I feel good and that’s what I want to maintain.

As per usual, I’ll check with you guys again next week for my fitness & healthy recipes! Feel free to leave a comment below and share with us your experiences 🙂



P.S. My apologies for the lack of photos on this post. I tried looking for a photo from


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