To my self doubts


Shove it! It’s hard enough being young and constantly feeling the need to prove yourself to your peers, bosses and the occasional already doubting parent/s. How do you expect me to compete with the ‘rising stars’ of my generation? Actually, let’s take a step back and ask, why do you compare me with other people? My strengths, weaknesses, experiences, aspirations and characteristics (aka all of ME) are not the same.

These voices permeating into my deepest thoughts make use of how time can feel so slow and how difficult it can be to determine if progress is actually being made. Tell me, do you enjoy this? Do you get a kick out of making me feel small? Or is it more fun when I start to buy into what you’re saying? Encouraging me to join you in continuous judgement about who I am, what I’m doing or even trying push me to just give up and take an easier route.

But you know what, I bet it’s been frustrating to you that I refuse to give up that easily. Well, guess what? Even if you try harder and find different ways to bring me down you won’t. You know why? Because the harder to you try, the harder I will work to get where I want to go and gradually become the person I aspire to be. I will learn each and every day how I can silence your negativities.

Yes. These are fighting words because I am fighter. I always will be.




P.S. This letter was difficult to write to say the least. I’ve been having a rough few days and I wanted to write this letter for myself and for anyone else who may be feeling a little defeated at times. Hang in there and don’t ever lose faith, especially in yourself.


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