Re: Spring 2016 Style Inspirations

Denim shirt, leather sportsman jacket and white tulip skirt with a pair of my fave nude heels

Browsing through some magazines while I was shopping around Indigo, I read an article found in FASHION magazine featuring Olivia Palermo. I first heard of her while watching an MTV show she did with Whitney Port a few years ago. The show may not have depicted her in the most authentic and bright light but her style was always something I looked at. And rightly so! She is fierce and completely up for taking some fashion “risks.” I say risks in quotations because she said something very profound in the article, “I dress for myself. Everyone should.” So though it may be fun to look at some style inspirations, always remember to dress for YOU. Period.

From my pinterest Style board:

stuffshelikesFrom the good old denim shirts, pants, skirts and of course denim dresses, I’ve been seeing a lot of denim as a trending spring-summer style. I’ll be doing my version of a denim dress style post in a few weeks 🙂

arc0555Ruffles and romance sums up this trend well. I’ve been seeing some subtle to more robust use of ruffles in blouses, skirts and dresses. This dress is from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2016 Collection. The shoes are kinda clunky but I’m choosing to ignore that for the dress. I love that it looks light and feminine; perfect if you’re attending a spring or summer wedding. I will also be posting a pinky-nude version of my ruffle dress on Instagram soon so don’t forget to follow me! 🙂 

gucci12Retro and prints. I’m sure you’ve seen it the 70’s fashion revival everywhere by now BUT I also want to point out that mixing prints is pretty fun! Of course it can be pretty tricky to see which prints would go well with each other so keep in mind your body shape and whether loud or softer prints compliments your personal style. Stripes are also big this season so play around with different colours and widths. These dresses are from Gucci’s 2016 Spring Collection.

palermoLast but not the least, off the shoulders bouses and dresses. Now everytime I try on an off the shoulders anything, I always wonder what if it gets cold? Haha! Anyway, I have seen a few fashion bloggers rocking a similar off the shoulders look but I love that Olivia used a vibrant pink bag and printed shoes to go with it. A chic weekend look for running errands or even going to brunch with friends. I’m not sure if I’ll be on board for this trend but you might see me try it out at least once or twice 🙂



P.S. I encourage you guys and gals to read the article. She makes great comments about fashion and having a strong sense of conviction with your personal style 🙂





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