Re: Dress the role you want to play

This entire post can be summed using one hashtag – #bosslady. Aside from advocating for wearing clothes that make you feel good and expressing your unique personal style, I am a strong believer of dressing the role you want to play. For me that means: translating the person you aspire to be through the way you dress. So for this week’s look, I went with an outfit I felt empowered and unique in. It kinda has a street style meets business world feel to it because believe it or not, being a social media marketer I can sometimes carry my office with me in my bag! There are also some photos from my “Style Inspo” Pinterest boards.

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel empowered? What does it look like? 🙂 Share with us your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

(Jacket: Wilfred; Messenger bag: David Jones; Shirt: Dynamite; Pants and belt: H&M and Shoes: Winners (the scarf is from my travel at the Philippines))

Style Inspirations:




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