Re: Mini spa day at home with Mr. Ko!

I don’t remember how I talked Mr. Ko into doing a mini spa day at home with me, but it was a pretty fun thing to do together on a Saturday afternoon. He always tells me how soft and smooth my skin is so why not share the experience? Haha!

I planned on using the Volcanic Clay mask from The Face Shop but went with the Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH instead.

Before we started with our mini spa day I prepared the products we were going to use ahead of time. Some of the products I have had in my beauty kit for some time, others I am just trying for the first time. The products I used for the first were: Origins Charcoal Mask, LUSH Mask of Magnaminty (will post a separate cleansing mask comparison soon!) and the Lanocreme Daily Moisturizer with Manuka Honey. (*Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money and therefore are not sponsored product features)

We first started with the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. This is one of my favourite scrubs; I’ve been using it for years! It’s affordable and effectively scrubs my face well. Though, I could understand if others may find the scrub a little too grainy. I tend to use this scrub every other day to gently exfoliate away dead skin. If that seems a little too excessive, once or twice a week is a good rule. After we scrubbed our faces, we washed our face with warm water while gently massaging off the scrub.

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty

Then I applied the mask of magnaminty on Mr. Ko’s face, trying to get an even layer. I noticed that he did have more blackheads on his T-zone so I made sure that there was enough product especially in that area. I quickly washed my hands before applying the Origins charcoal mask on my face, again trying to get an even layer. Waiting for the masks to dry was definitely the fun part of our mini spa day. Mr. Ko was making me laugh and it was so hard to keep a straight face, especially with my mask on. My charcoal mask definitely cracked in a few spots! It was also fun taking a few photos with our mask together. To both of our surprise, Mr. Ko didn’t mind the masks on as much as anticipated. Frankly, he didn’t know what to expect but I can say that it’s probably something that we’ll do together again!

Anyway, after our masks have dried completely, Mr. Ko washed his face with warm water, gently massaging his face with the small chunks of ground aduki beans. He mentioned that he felt a tingling sensation while he had the mask on but it was not too bad. I told him to splash some cold water on his face once the entire mask was off. Doing so will help close the pores on your face. I then followed suit (except I did not have the aduki beans) with my mask.

IMG_6930.JPGTo finish off our mini spa day at home experience, we moisturized our face with the Lanocreme daily moisturizer and finished our tea. We didn’t get a chance to use the by nature nourishing masks; it would have been too much in one day but feel free to read up on my review about them on my first impressions post. The whole process probably took an hour; not too long. Overall, it was a fun experience to share with Mr. Ko and I look forward to our next mini spa day at home!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions of suggestions! 🙂



P.S. To my wonderful male readers, I would like to emphasize that taking care of your skin is a must. Sometimes it’s just not enough to splash some water on your face, maybe add a little cleanser to go with it and some moisturizer while you’re at it? It can make a BIG difference!


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