Re: What makes you extraordinary? 2/3

jemel-adrian copy
Follow the links below to view Jemel’s & Adrian’s work!

Now, I met Jemel and Adrian a little over 2 years or so ago (right?) They are probably one of the cheesiest couples I know and I love it! They put their amazing creative skills to work and shoot great photos together. Of course, they were a must-ask couple for me to reach out to for this kind of project. But you see, I didn’t realize that this was a difficult question until I realized that most people I asked initially got a little stumped when I first asked them. Nonetheless, here are Jemel and Adrian’s reponse:

What makes Jemel and Adrian extraordinary?

Jemel’s response:

“What makes Adrian extraordinary is his genuine care for others and his genuine care and passion for anything he sets his mind to. So if he has some type of goal he wants to reach, the moment he grasps on to it he ends up doing better than he expected and inspires others along the way!”

Adrian’s response:

“She’s lost…a handful of the times and I don’t mean that in a bad way. She’s always lost in her own world, trying to find herself doing these amazing things. Sometimes she’s lost with directions of names of places, and yes can be very indecisive, but she tends to wonder off well into thoughts and finds her lost in it. Sometimes I can’t picture what she’s thinking because she literally jumps from one thought to another. It can be bad but it can also be good because she doesn’t wait for something to happen. Most of the time it’s a good thing because she finds these thoughts within her.

When she is lost she expresses a lot of feelings. She’s scared, frustrated, or sometimes happy, but super excited when she eventually finds her way. An example could be when she’s stuck thinking then she finds a new creative idea. Or when she’s excited and you see her face, it’s like Christmas on a random given day. She sometimes doesn’t believe she can do amazing things because she doubts herself sometimes. But when she’s off lost in her own world and comes back with this ambition, like Humans of UofT or planning a memorable birthday party, she is definitely extraordinary.”

One more set of reponses to complete the rest of my series. Stay tuned! You’ll love it, I promise 🙂




P.S. These lovely people are also pretty awesome photographers! Here are the links to their portfolios just in case you’re interested 🙂 Thank you for your responses again!


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