Re: What makes you extraordinary? 1/3

From, Mayur Gala, 2014

Sometimes I have doubts. And sometimes those doubts are fed by my insecurities lurking beneath my inner thoughts just waiting for the next instance they can reemerge from the shadows. It’s easy to dismiss that we are far more than we give ourselves credit. It’s easy to forget that whom we see in the mirror is not the same as whom others see.

In the midst of the Valentine’s Day buzz, I wanted to write a post as a reminder of self love. Instead of me incessantly talking about the importance of having self love, I asked a few of my friends a single question about their loved ones. For some reason, it’s always easier to talk fondly about our loved ones more so than ourselves. Now, some don’t know that I asked their loved ones the same question I asked them. What’s the question, you may ask? What makes your loved one (insert name) extraordinary? Let’s see what they had to say, shall we?

What makes Adam and Tania extraordinary?

I met Adam and Tania separately in high school. Briefly reuniting with them at an alumni event, I had a hunch that they were together (aka Facebook told me). Of course, I couldn’t resist asking them the question separately.

Adam’s response:

“I thought that this was a very difficult question to answer. To try to capture all the little details and feelings that build my attraction towards Tania would make a lengthy response. So, instead I’ll try to highlight a handful of her foundational traits that make her an extraordinary person in my eyes, and without a doubt the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Tania is a perfect example of a woman who embodies strength. She is an independent individual who flourishes on her own, but is still able to make me feel like I’m a critical component to her day-to-day life.

She has a big heart, she is a loving and caring individual who constantly searches the web to find a pup in need of a loving home so she can shower it with kisses and snuggles (she literally spends a minimum of 4 hours/day doing this). She’s also extremely considerate and is always making sure people are comfortable and content, never hesitating to make personal sacrifices to ensure that.

She has strong values. Tania has a strong set of fundamental values instilled in her by her parents. A lot of people nowadays lack core values, which is what makes Tania such a breath of fresh air.”

Pleasantly surprised with Adam’s detailed response, I couldn’t help but feel the thought he put in answering the question. Though I had to cut parts of his response, I think that it encapsulates an amazing woman. Now here’s what Tania said about Adam…

Tania’s response:

“That question isn’t as easy as it sounds haha. Okay let’s start with his curiosity. He’s the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to try new things and he’s always up for a challenge.

He’s self-assured. He’s confident (but not cocky!) and is willing to put himself out there. He’s not afraid to own who he is, even if he’s the underdog.

He communicates/is willing to admit when he is wrong. This is HUGE! Being able to admit fault isn’t always easy. But it shows that he’s always trying to improve and grow. He’s a listener. He doesn’t just hear what I say – he listens and remembers. He’s generous/helpful – If someone needs help he will always do what he can.

Lastly, he has really made he ask myself (and I mean this) “am I being the best person I can be?” and if someone can change the way you think and affect others (for the better), then I think that classifies them as pretty extraordinary.”

Overwhelmed by the positive feedback and responses I got from my friends about their loved ones, I decided to turn this post into a series. The next set of responses will be posted soon! 🙂




P.S. Thank you to Tania and Adam for their responses and support 🙂

P.P.S. Stick around for the ending, will you?


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