Re: “Clothes should make you feel good.”

Inspired by the text I read from Monocle’s Guide to Better Living a few days, this style blog post is about, well, clothes that actually make you feel good. Let me be clear on this. I’m not giving you an excuse to head to work or a night out wearing your sweatpants/yoga pants, sneakers and t-shirt. Sure they might be comfortable, but wouldn’t you also want clothes that make you feel confident, happy and expressed?

I have days when I don’t necessarily feel good about my body or myself but instead of dwelling on how badly I may feel, I decide that if I’m going to feel bad I might as well look good doing it. Then, I turn to my closet and pull out different textures, patterns and colours to form an [hopefully] appropriate outfit. Here’s an outfit I wore to work the past week:

Purple cable knit sweater from Tommy Hilfiger; grey leather jacket circa 2010 and an aqua dress shirt.

It was the beginning of a new week and while my mood was quite upbeat, the weather was absolutely gloomy. Dark clouds and a steady breeze that got colder as the day went by, I was grateful that I decided to build an outfit around my colourful striped socks! Having worn vibrant colours and subtle textures really helped me keep my enthusiasm up the entire day simply because all together, it was a fun ensemble. Comfortable yet professional with a giant splash of colour from head to toe!

Hand-me-down Calvin Klein blue green high waisted pants from my mom circa 80’s; striped socks from H&M and yellow oxford shoes from Forever 21
Peachy pink dress with birds on the print from Forever21; stockings from Joe Fresh and black suede ‘Liberty’ heels from Steve Madden.

Now if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, please do!), you may know that I have been trying to bring a little bit more fun and colour back into my wardrobe. Here is my Sunday’s Best outfits for church.

IMG_6803.JPGFor this outfit, I loved the silhouette that the skirt gave me from the pleats as well as the colour. It reminded me of a vintage vibe so I paired it with my black stockings with a circle line design on the side. Almost forgot! I had this beautiful floral barrette to go with today’s outfit. It made me feel pretty, comfortable, and of course it was fun getting ready!



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