Re: Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, available restaurant reservations might be scarce. So, why not plan something completely unexpected for your significant other? I came up with 8 Valentine’s Day date night ideas you’ll both enjoy!

  1. Chocolate Making Class. A fun and flirty date night idea to start my list. If you didn’t know already, chocolates are natural aphrodisiacs. A little kiss on the cheek, your hand guiding his/hers while tempering the chocolate, and who know what will happen next?! Plus, who doesn’t like eating chocolates on Valentine’s Day?
  2. Salsa Dancing. Now I know, not everyone feels comfortable or confident when dancing. And you know what? That’s totally fine! Dancing with your significant other is playful and romantic. You don’t have to be a professional salsa dancer to win over your partner. The important part is that you’re having fun together, even if that means stepping on each other’s feet!
  3. Paint Night. Just like salsa dancing, you don’t have to be Leonardo da Vinci to have a fun paint night with your loved one. A great date for an art loving creative or just to try something new
  4. Skating. With the weather not plummeting to its usual freezing temperatures, a skate around the ice rink, while holding hands of course, is a great way to spend time together. Even better, if your significant other doesn’t know how to skate (*cough like me), they will tend to hold on to you a little bit tighter. They don’t fall AND you get a little more physical contact, it’s a win-win situation!
  5. Photo shoot. Whether it’s a sexy boudoir photo shoot or a cheesy-funny couple shoot, photo shoots will leave you smiling throughout the entire session. Plus, you’ll have loads of photos to keep in your album
  6. Candlelit home cooked meal for two. A little traditional, maybe, but sometimes a nice home cooked meal made together or by your significant other is just what you need. Anyone can book a reservation for a restaurant, but there’s nothing sexier than the man/woman you love voluntarily making you your favourite meal, setting candle lights around your home/table AND washing the dishes! Dress up for a night in, dessert might just be on you 😉
  7. Concert or musical. My mom loves Cinderella. A few years ago, there was a musical/play of the story. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to give her the tickets because they were either sold out or she was too busy to attend. Nonetheless, concerts and musicals are good Valentine’s Day date night options, specifically if there is something playing that your significant other has expressed interest on seeing. Maybe, it’s the Wizard of Oz or the Beauty and the Beast, or a singer he/she has been a fan of for years, they will definitely appreciate the thought you put into getting the tickets
  8. Rock climbing. This V-day date night idea might sound a little odd, but I suggested this for 2 reasons-teamwork and trust. Relying on someone to keep your from falling while suspended up in the air via a harness can be a little daunting. Rock climbing is a fun date night idea because it will help you work together as a team and trust each other. Besides, I just gave you another opportunity to check out your partner’s butt!


Valentine’s Day or not, my number one rule for date night AND gifting options is to always put your partner’s preferences and needs before your own. Listening to them and putting thought into it always counts. Even if you spill paint on their smock; stepping on their feet; get scared looking down from the wall or burning your food. When you put thought + effort together, your partner will appreciate it 🙂






P.S. Disclaimer: photos used for this post are referenced with the appropriate links to their respective gallery owners [on each caption].



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