Re: DIY golden watch box


IMG_6731I have been looking for my gold spray paint for a couple of weeks only to have my dad tell me that he found it in the garage! I had leftover gold spray paint from a DIY basketball trophy I made a couple of years ago. Knowing that I had it in stock somewhere I wanted to use it to transform a few items. For this DIY blog post, I made a simple golden watch box as well as refreshed a soap pump and water bottle.

First you will need:

  • gold spray paint
  • newspaper
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • container of choice (I used an old Ferrero Rocher rectangular box)
  • gloves

Before you start spray painting, make sure that any label and glue residue is removed from the item you want to spray paint. Otherwise, the final product won’t look as smooth and polished. I used a toothbrush and some soap and water to brush off the entire glue residue. Once you’ve washed/cleaned your containers, you can dry them with a paper towel.

Put a generous amount of old newspaper on the floor to prevent your floors from getting sprayed on. Unless of course you want to add a little shimmer in your floors too? 😉 With you gloves on, you can start spray painting your container. Try to spray an even layer across. Let the paint dry for 15-20 minutes (depending on the kind of spray paint you buy) before spray painting another coat of paint. I painted around 2-3 coats for my watch box and only one coat (+ touchups on spots that look uneven) for my water bottle and soap pump.

I added a simple stripe and spiral design with the soap pump and water bottle by using the masking tape. Then, spray paint as normal.

I had been looking for a reasonably priced watch box that complimented my style. I didn’t necessarily find any I liked as much so I decided to just make my own. This is also a really easy way to add a little shimmer and sparkle in your everyday storage.


Tip: You can also use different kinds of stencils to add a little pattern (e.g. old lace, doilies, or cutout letters).

Give this DIY a try and share with us your creations! Please feel free to leave a comment for any suggestions or questions 🙂







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