Re: How to keep yourself warm & entertained during a blizzard

While watching CNN last night, my mom expressed some concern for my uncle and grandma living at Maryland. They are anticipating a horrible blizzard in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. There were also some talks about Washington being affected by the blizzard. Needless to say, this inspired me to write a post. Here at Toronto, we experience our fair share of blizzards and, you know, the occasional ice storm. So here are a few tips on how to keep you and your family warm and entertained during the anticipated blizzard!

nyt-blizzard2016 copy.png
Photo from New York Times
  1. Where are your extra blankets? Find them and if you can, give each member of your family an extra blanket just in case.
  2. Where are your candles and flashlight? Just in case of power outages, make sure that you know where or have some candles and flashlight in stock WITH additional batteries. If a power outage does happen, you can also keep the little ones entertained with a impromptu puppet show with a bed sheet and the flashlights
  3. Do you have enough water? An essential part of keeping our bodies healthy and functioning is water. Please have a pack of water bottles in stock
  4. Do you have food that doesn’t need cooking? If you have camping gear, bring your portable stove or cooking equipment that you can use in case you can’t use the stove. Be aware of toxins that may be released though from the gas you’re using. An alternative is making a big batch of hearty soup or stew, again just in case of power outages. Being aware of your canned goods supply (and can opener) is also a good alternative
  5. Do you have an emergency contact? When the ice storm hit Toronto, some people lost power and did not have a fire-burning fireplace to keep their house warm. Establishing an emergency contact helps you to immediately know where to go in case of extreme conditions. And it works vice versa with your emergency contact
  6. Where is your first aid kit? It might seem like a general precaution because it is. You never know when someone might get an injury. Since the roads will be horrendous, ambulances may not be able to get to your place in time. So just have a basic first aid kit ready
  7. Where are your board games, cards and colouring books? With tech as a primary source of entertain in kids nowadays, you might want to have backups in case their devices stop working (Wifi) or have run out of batteries. Playing games together or giving them entertainment material helps them remain less anxious.

These are just some tips and questions that I quickly came up with. There might be others so I’ll be sure to add them when I think about them. Also, it’s always nice to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best in these situations. So please, make sure that you’ve considered some of the questions I’ve asked above. Stay safe everyone!






P.S. If you have any kids, treating a power outage as an indoor camping adventure is an easy and fun way to keep them busy.




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