Re: Day 5 & 6 of My Fitness Journey

Mother nature gave me my monthly present over the weekend (last weekend). If you’re like me, the cramps can be pretty unbearable, so I decided to do Day 5 on Wednesday morning instead. I stayed indoors because of the weather and did more strength (legs + glutes) and core exercises. Before you say anything, I’m going bite the bullet and say, YES, I like doing squats. If you want to be more specific, I like doing jump squats. It can be a little harder and you definitely need to be aware of where your feet land but I love the challenge!

Photo from Konkura Fitness Community

Another exercise that’s part of my routine is cross-body mountain climber. A total body exercise that helps with your lower body, core and cardio, and if you really want to push it, try doing them in timed intervals. To make it a little bit more challenging (because evidently I like to give my body a beating), I used to use a BOSU ball.

For day 6, I worked on my arms a little more as well as my core and legs of course. Since I am a big fan of boxing and have participated in cardio box classes, I decided to do similar exercises with my 5 pound free weights. Plus, it’s a bonus that I can incorporate a little cardio and legs with the routine. A little jab, jab, squat and a few reps later, I’ll definitely be sore the next morning! Reminds me, I need to incorporate more of these cardiobox exercises into my routine more often…






P.S. I have been eating breakfast but still not as consistently as I would like. It seems like my go-to for breakfast are shakes. I’m using spinach in all of my shakes this week! 🙂

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