To my style gurus


Thank you for showing me that you don’t necessarily have to follow the latest trends to be fashionable. You ladies have taught me that fit; confidence and individuality need to be at the forefront of my personal style. You have taught me that I need to be at the forefront of my personal style.

I thought that the best way to start the ‘Style’ section of my blog was to introduce to you guys and gals who my style gurus are and how they have affected my personal style.

After a long week of school, I remember watching episodes of What Not To Wear on Friday or Saturday nights. Mind you, I started watching Clinton and Stacy when I was still in high school! Even though the participants were predominantly female, they also had male participants once in a while in the early seasons. This was great because it made me realize that some of the styling principles that they were sharing were universal to an extent. Stacy and Clinton taught me that fit and finding clothing that actually fits my body and lifestyle well would never go out of style. Notice that I’m not talking about specific pieces of clothing.

Stacy London – Into the Gloss

Though it wasn’t until the show ended that I decided to well, Google, Stacy. She had other shows after and was a guest to others. What can I say I got curious? I really admire her passion for empowering women through fashion. She, along the rest of my style gurus, encourages women to accept characteristics that society may often deem as flaws, as well as embarking into reflective self exploration to truly find who we are and who we want to be. This seems like quite a contrast to the superficiality that could generally be associated with the fashion industry, doesn’t it? I won’t get into too much about her story, but I do want to emphasize that one the most powerful things that I learned from Stacy is to accept my struggles and ultimately who I am. You and I could be tall, short, slim, chubby or whatever, our personal style does not need to be defined by our bodies. Our personal style ought to magnify our character.

The other equally remarkable women I go to for style inspirations are Emma Watson, Coco Chanel and Nicole Warne. All with amazing stories and fashion sense. Come to think of it, these women did not only teach me about fashion and style, they taught me to have courage, grace and to not be afraid to push boundaries.

So, I leave you this quote from Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”





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