Re: Day 4 of My Fitness Journey

I think I have an eating problem. No, I’m not anorexic or bulimic! Thankfully, I love food too much… However, I have noticed that with the exercises that I am doing, work, and late night writing/blogging sessions it hasn’t been easy. When I’m working, I’m usually always on the go and would forget to eat lunch or drink water. The exercises that I’m doing to help my body reach a healthier state wouldn’t be able to get there without the proper nourishment to sustain my body. The bigger irony is that I know these things; these are simple facts that I have encouraged my friends and others to do. So where’s the disconnection?

This wasn’t so bad right? Toasted english muffin, egg and leftover ham with yogurt on the side.

Well, my first thought was because I have a tendency to be a little bit of a workaholic. I need to make sure tasks that I need to do for work or school are done before I dig into my lunch/dinner. Friends, I know I’m not alone on this one. How many of us have delayed (or even skipped) meals to make sure that a paper/report is finished before it’s due or made sure that the kids have eaten or are napping (by the way, I don’t have kids, but have seen this happen with relatives)? Sometimes we bounce around from one job to another without taking a short break to have a snack. I know Mr. Ko gets a little worried about me, especially when he knows that I probably should have had a healthy snack in between meals. He gives the ‘I’m-disappointed-in-you glare. Sorry!

It’s going to take some readjustment (aka waking up earlier), but I’m hoping that I’ll get to a point where I can confidently say that I’ve eaten breakfast NOT brunch.


What are some of your meal planning tips? Share with us by leaving a comment below.






P.S. I didn’t use butter or oil to cook the egg for the breakfast sandwich above. Instead, I cracked an egg in a small bowl, sprinkled some salt and pepper then microwaved it for 45 seconds. I also trimmed the fat from the ham and added some hot sauce. Next time, I’m adding lettuce or something green, that sandwich still feels incomplete without something green!






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