Re: Day 3 of My Fitness Journey


IMG_6416.jpgThis is going to be a short post since I didn’t do anything special during day 3. The weather was nice enough to go for a warm up run before I started my free weight exercises. I like to change my running routes just to keep things interesting. Depending on the route, I might have higher or lower slopes, which helps with engaging different parts of my muscles.

Also, I am trying to maintain better is my breathing pattern and weight distribution when I’m running. Because I haven’t ran in a while (whoops!) my breathing pattern is off. Now though it might sound a little trivial, it helps tremendously to breathe through your mouth instead of your nose. Your mouth lets a lot more oxygen in than your nostrils, which helps your muscles and lungs. IMG_6443.JPGAfter my finishing my workout I had brunch with an energy shake with avocado, apple and oats (for added protein & fiber).

How is your fitness journey going? Share with us by leaving a comment below!







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