Re: Day 1 of My Fitness Journey

One of my goals for this year was getting back into my fitness routine. Around June of last year, I gradually stopped running and working out. To be honest, I don’t why. I can say that work was getting too busy or that there were other things in my life happening, but at the end of the day I stopped. Fortunately, I didn’t gain weight and have kept up with eating a balanced diet. So why don’t we focus on now, shall we?


I began my fitness journey on January 1st. It’s the first day of the new year so I wanted to start my year on a good note. Warming up with a short jog around my neighborhood followed by a few exercises with free weights at home. I finished my first workout in about an hour. It was nice to run again (yes I know it’s winter but you can still run with a hat and gloves on!). A wave hello to a fellow jogger with his dog and the cold breeze on my cheek, I remember why started running a few years ago. It was stress reliever on a hard day/week. I didn’t have to keep track of so many things at the same time. There were no emails or articles I had to read or incessant notifications from my phone I had to reply to. I just had to focus on the road ahead and my breathing. The endorphins kicking in afterwards were a good bonus too!

I’m starting with working out every other day and mandatory breaks on Sundays. It’s the day of rest, so I should probably rest.






P.S. If you have any home workout recommendations feel free to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear how you’re planning on staying fit this new year!

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