Faux Champagne & Virgin Mojito Mocktails


IMG_6379.JPGMr. Ko and I were talking last night about a much needed tropical getaway next year. We’ve been working pretty hard professionally and personally. It would be quite nice to spend some time not doing work…even though work does follow me wherever I go. A tropical vacation may just be what we need to reboot. Our countdown begins! For now, we’ll just settle for these tropical inspired mocktails: Faux Champagne and Virgin Mojito. The best part about these mocktails is that I used fruits that are high in vitamin C. Perfect for an immune system boost with the weather gradually getting colder.

Virgin Mojito:


  • 1 lime (cut in quarter wedges)
  • fresh mint leaves
  • crushed ice/small ice cubes
  • honey
  • soda water
  • ½ clementine (cut in quarter wedges)


  1. In a tall glass or a mason jar, ad 6 lime quarter wedges, clementine wedges, honey and fresh mint leaves
  2. Using a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon, gently pound the ingredients to help release their juices and oils
  3. With a spoon, you can mix the ingredients even more, especially the honey. The original mojito recipe calls for refined white sugar, and you can use that as well. I wanted to use honey to add more nutrients
  4. You can transfer your mixture in a different glass. If you are transferring your mixture in a different glass make sure that the glass has been cooled before pouring in the mixture. You can cool the glass by leaving it in the fridge before using or leaving some ice before pouring the mixture (replace the ice before pouring the mixture)
  5. Add your ice cubes or crushed ice
  6. Pour the soda water in the glass to top it off
  7. Garnish with some fresh mint and a wedge of lime

Faux Champagne


  • Papaya/papaya juice
  • ¼ wedge clementine
  • ¼ wedge lime
  • gingerale
  • frozen grapes
  • ice cubes
  • soda water


  1. If you’re using fresh papaya, mash a slice before combining it with the lime and clementine
  2. In a shaker or a mason jar, combine the papaya juice, lime and clementine with some ice
  3. Shake the ingredients well
  4. Once the ingredients are shaken well, pour in some soda water and gingerale
  5. Stir the mixture well
  6. In a cool champagne glass place 2-3 frozen grapes
  7. Before pouring in your faux champagne mixture, strain it or use the strainer if you are using a cocktail shaker


You can use pineapple juice with the papaya or use it instead. These are just a couple of tasty alternatives to alcoholic cocktails to drink while ringing in the New Year. Feel free to leave me a comment, questions or suggestions. They are always welcome J


Please drink responsibly.















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