President’s Choice Insiders Boutique

Walking around after my morning meeting, I decided to visit the PC Insiders Boutique near King St. W & Peter St. I didn’t expect a line to the entrance but I was soon told that they only admitted 10-15 people at a time. Fortunately, some people didn’t want to wait so the line moved a lot quicker. Going in, the boutique is absolutely gorgeous! The designer put a lot of thought between each room and it shows. Each room is distinct, a little unorthodox but that’s what makes them really cool! Haha. The tour is subdivided between 4 different rooms: Bruch, Mingle, Dine and Gift. Each room had 3 samples dedicated to the room’s theme. Let’s start!

From the Brunch room, we had a slice of pita bread lightly toasted with some diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and crumbled feta to start. Followed by 2 slices of waffles with PC Speculoos Cook Butter spread on one with a side of PC Smoky Bacon Flavoured Maple Syrup. The final tasting plate for the Brunch room was a PC Decadent Chocolateer Cherry Loaf with some mascarpone cheese inside, whipped cream and more cherries on top. The cherry loaf was my favourite from this room. The dark chocolate complimented the cherries very well and like what our presenter said, it almost tastes like a Black Forrest cake

IMG_6011.JPGThe Mingle room, aka my favourite room, was beautifully decorated, the fog on the floor added a nice mysterious touch to the space. The tasting plates were showcased on tall acrylic Christmas tree shelves lit up. The presentation was quite dramatic and suited the room well. The first tasting plate was a PC Butter Chicken Poutine Kit. I know, butter chicken and poutine? Yup! And it was pretty tasty! Followed by PC Thai Chicken Curries Mini Hors D’Oeuvre Collection. A trifecta of Thai chicken curry goodness! My fave of the three was wrapped in a rice wrapper. Sweet and spicy Gochujang chicken wings finished our tasting at this room. It’s a little tough to pick a favourite from this room because all the dishes were so different and so flavourful!

On to the Dine room where we were served by a plate with a delicious slice of PC Spiral Ham Applewood Smoked, PC Black Label Beet and Goat Cheese Cappellacci, PC Strawberry Blonde Potatoes and sautéed Brussels sprouts and mushrooms. A slice of light and creamy PC Vanilla Mascarpone Cheesecake to wrapped up the tasting plate for this room. The cheesecake was my favourite from this room. Like the chef said, you can treat the cheesecake like a blank canvas by adding any kind of berry and fruits to accompany the cheesecake.

IMG_6027.jpgLast but not the least, our tour guide directed us to the final room, Gift, where we were asked to choose between 2 different options to take home. I chose the White Chocolate Pistachio Cranberry Toffee Bark. Overall, it was a fun experience. I was definitely impressed by the décor; cannot talk about that more! It was also interesting to see that President’s Choice is trying different flavours with the Gochujang chicken wings, butter chicken poutine and the beet and goat cheese Cappellacci. Thank you at PC Insiders Boutique for sharing the Insiders Collection!

If you’re going to be around downtown Toronto area head on down to the boutique. It’s FREE for the public!




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