Have you celebrated your accomplishments today?

IMG_5403Everyday I wake up reaching for my phone to check my emails then go through my social media notifications and feeds. Fifteen minutes to half an hour would pass by and I wouldn’t have noticed. Jumping out of bed, literally, to take a quick hot shower trying to make up for the time I lost lying down in bed while on my phone.

As the hot water rain on my skin and steam fill up my bathroom, I start to list the things I need to do today. Shampoo, reply to Mr. X’s email, rinse, make myself lunch for work, soap, catch up on what’s trending on Twitter, lather, think of a new post, rinse, send a message to my sister then do laundry and dry, but wait, don’t I have a workshop tonight? Everyday we go through our lives trying to complete as many tasks as we can from a list that never seems to end. We don’t notice that, hey I got up before my alarm clock today. Or I managed to finish reading my book last night. Or even, I made a new friend at an event last week.

It’s great to have goals and to keep busy with work, friends and family or activities that you feel passionate about. Just don’t beat yourself up when you didn’t get to do everything you wanted to get done in one day. You are human. You’re allowed to take a break once in a while. There will be enough time.

Now take a deep breath, close your eyes and smile. You did well today! I had a chocolate éclair from the infamous bakery at Warden Station for a not so pleasant weekend and finally getting a post written today 🙂


For those interested, I found an app called ‘Balanced’. A simple tool that sends you reminders of activities that you have listed to accomplish on the app. The “reminders are built around mindfulness. You get two each day but only if you haven’t checked the app.”




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