Man who forced French supermarkets to donate food wants to take law global

From Globe-Net:

I heard about this food waste initiative a few days ago when the French local councilor, Arash Derambarsh, was campaigning at the local level to other French MP’s and supermarkets in his district. First and foremost I think that it was a great idea to encourage supermarkets to donate their food waste to homeless shelters, charity organization and others to help the fight against hunger. I commend the councillor for putting the effort to educate and bring awareness to French and global citizens about food issues, in particular food waste management and hunger in our cities. Developing cities or in cities like Toronto or Paris hunger exists. Although I ask, is passing a “global law” feasible? I’m just going to leave that question as a food for thought and move to a snippet of the article:

“When I was a law student living on about €400 a month after I’d paid my rent, I used to have one proper meal a day around 5pm. I’d eat pasta, or potatoes, but it’s hard to study or work if you are hungry and always thinking about where the next meal will come from.” – Arash Derambarsh

Right there is the very heart of the article. Yes, what this councillor is doing may be idealistic but these two sentences made the readers, us, understand his story. These two sentences revealed the reality some people have in our cities. In these sentences, this local councillor is acknowledging that life was tough and it still is so what are we going to do about it?

What are some ways we can manage our food waste practices at home? Let me know by commenting below and share with us your ideas!

For the original story from the Guardian click here.




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