Watermelon Refresher!

With hot summer days approaching these watermelon refreshers will cool you down and keep you energized!

watermelon refresherIt only needs 5 key ingredients: watermelons, cucumbers, ginger, some ice and water. Chop the watermelon, cucumber into smaller chunks. This will help blend the mixture faster. I used 2/3 watermelons and 1/3 cucumber and ginger. When all the ingredients are in the blender, just blend away! You can also add a little more ice into the mixture to get a more slushie drink consistency or less ice to get a more juice like consistency.

Tip: after chopping the watermelon, you can place them in your freezer over night and blend the drink in the morning. It’ll harden like ice but taste like watermelon!

Which kinds of drink do you guys and gals like to drink on hot days? Let me know by leaving a comment below!




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