“I just want to enjoy my meal.”

I was coming home from dinner with someone a few weeks ago, talking how much I always have to have dessert to end my meal. He replied with, “I just want to enjoy my meal.”

Most of us would be familiar with a 3-course meal, maybe 7 if you’re really hungry or because the occassion may call for it. Regardless of how many courses you may dine with it can be generally divided between 3 categories-starter, main course and dessert. Looking back to some of the meals I’ve had I know that there are specific dishes or flavours that standout. I’ve never truly considered what it means to have a “good” meal or whether my meal was “enjoyable”? For many reason eating is a privilege and being able to eat in accordance to our individual preferences is down right a luxury. So what makes for a great meal? Do we just consider the food or is it much more?






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