Market 707

My friend and I tried to go to this area for weeks! It’s an incredibly innovative market made up of vendors using makeshift shipping containers as their kitchens. There are some benches, chairs and tables around the area but for the most part, people have just ordered and eaten there food at home. I, however, would encourage everyone to sit down somewhere and have conversations with the vendors if it’s not busy or to bring a friend. It’s quite suting that this market is just on the side of the Scadding Court Community Centre.

The slow eaters we were, my friend and I were one of the last few customers around the area still chomping, trying to finish our food. It was nice to see that all of the vendors knew one another. They formed their own community as the vendors of Market 707. They came out of their kitchens, had lively conversations with one another and helped each other close up for the day. This is why I love food. It brings joy to people and creates communities. Granted, it has been the cause of some disagreements and wars, but for the most part, food seems to always bring people together. And what a delectable sight it can be!





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