Waterfront Night Market

This was my first time going to the Waterfront Night Market and what a blast it was! Aside from the immediate whiff of the smelly tofu at your first step into the festival the Asian inspired street food was great! We arrived a little before 7pm and soon after the festival was flooded by people. Not exclusive to Asians but also diners of different nationalities and ethnicities this food festival sponsored by none other than T&T Supermarket (among 3 other sponsors?) offered a good variety of Asian street food found in Toronto. Although, I should say that I was looking for some bahn mi and could not find a stall that served some. Nonetheless, it was great to taste some good food-emphasis on the good seafood! Granted, Taste of Toronto was happening the same weekend, the turn out was awesome. These are some of the dishes I’ve tasted and some photos of the festival.

But of course, what’s a food festival without music and an eating contest? Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to watch my friends perform on the last day but I’m certain they did amazing! Click the hyperlink to their youtube site here: The Quan. You may also recognize the ever lovely Ms Victoria Marie and Axel Villamil. Check them out!


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