It can and has been done!

So because of my injury I’m refraining from using knives as much as possible. I think one chopped finger is enough for one week. But hey, there are these things called kitchen shears (aka kitchen scissors)! Why not make a recipe out of this knifeless experience. After all people must have used something before knives were invented right?

Today I’ll be making an herb garlic paste with some scallions (green onions; chives will work as well), mint leaves from my mom’s garden, red chilies (again from my mom’s garden; doesn’t she have such a green thumb?!), juice from half a lime, some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and of course a few garlic cloves. I may add a dash of brown sugar near the end just to balance the taste. Almost forgot! I added about a thumb size of ginger into the mix as well!

Later on, I will wash then massage this paste to some chicken legs and add a few tablespoons of soy sauce. The paste along with the soy sauce acts like a chicken marinade and so do feel free to leave your chicken in the fridge in a resealable container to cook it the next day or the following days. Label the lid with the date you’ve made your marinade to keep track of your food. You may pan fry, bake or BBQ (which is what I will be doing) your chicken pieces.

Herbs and spices pastes have been made by many cultures for centuries! Try them out with your favorite herbs and spices! Enjoy!






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