The new kid on the block: yeh! Frozen yogurt and café

yeh6Only two weeks old, Toronto is now the new home of yeh! Frozen yogurt and café. Located near the University of Toronto St. George campus, along Spadina Avenue. This Montreal based company brought over 60 frozen yogurt flavours, over 60 toppings as well as an in house café service. That’s right café services! If you’re not up to some frozen yogurt feel free to choose from their lattes, espressos, shkes and are you ready for this? Sweet crepes!

Yeh! Is proud to say that they prepare and make all of their frozen yogurts on site, “I have a girl that comes in the morning and her only job is to make yogurt,” says this Toronto franchise’s manager, Veronica. They also cut their own fresh fruits for toppings and make crepes per order.

Now, I know some people may be anticipating that the prices for their services are equivalent to other over priced eateries around the area. My fellow students and other residents in the area will be glad to here that they understand that their target demographic (i.e. university students) do not or cannot pay for over priced frozen yogurt or coffee and their product/services pricing reflects that. So what does that mean? Current and potential customers can enjoy good quality products and services for a reasonable price. See I know some people say that all the time but I’m being completely serious! I filled up my frozen yogurt cup with a little more than a cup of honey Greek frozen yogurt, roughly 2 spoons full of sweet fresh mangoes, a spoon of fresh strawberries, 2 spoons of oatmeal crunch and lychee pearls. Guess how much it cost? Under $5 (exactly $4.70 with tax)! Compare that with other frozen yogurt places and see if you can get as much stuff with the same price. I’m confident that you won’t find a lower price, perhaps a little bit more but definitely not lower. In addition, my dear friend ordered herself some strawberry-banana Nutella crepes that cost roughly around $7, which is generally the average price.

yeh3 yeh4

And if you’re still reluctant, please do visit them at 652 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, or for fellow UofT students, the store is beside the Subway sandwich shop near AC (Athletic Centre). I forgot to mention that they have had another location at Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario prior launching at this downtown location for a few years.

yeh2yeh1As a part of their preliminary launch/campaign, yeh! Is also participating in community organized events in the area like “Litter and Glitter” on May 10th with the Harbord community. They will be donating some yogurts for the volunteers of the event. Meanwhile, they are handing out $1 off cards to customers at their store location after your initial purchase.


Lastly, of course I would ask which items are the staffs’ favourites! Veronica says she recommends her vanilla-banana shake from her original childhood recipe and strawberry-banana crepes, while Elisa simply suggests, “anything with Nutella in it is always good!”

For more information visit the yeh! Website:







P.S. Special thanks to the yeh! staff for indulging me with information and for my friend Angelica for posing for me 😛







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